Having recently undergone some life altering events, I am experiencing new and different ways to use my time.  I love the holidays and find myself observing the festivities from a new perspective.  With a new schedule for my time and responsibilities, I am encountering shifts in my energy…all my energy; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.   There have been days I have been feeling what I first labeled as “lazy.”  But my tendency to over-think everything got me to analyzing the difference between “lazy” and “resting.”   Lazy is an unwillingness to work, being listless and inactive, a slothful, apathetic attitude.  This is not what I have been feeling at all.  Rest is relief, break, recess, quiet, ease and relaxation.  I’m still dealing with responsibilities and normal daily requirements for living.   What I initially perceived as laziness is actually my intuition and internal barometer telling me to rest.  The recent life altering events which were totally out of my control have afforded me the opportunity to rest, to recharge my batteries and re-inspire my heart and soul.   Since I came to this realization, I am not so hard on myself.  Even God rested after creating the earth.  I now see these life changing events as the Universe, God and other spirits who walk with me every day, giving me rest I would not have given myself under any other circumstances and they have also provided me with new paths to walk and new choices to make with the gifts and talents I have to offer.

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