Insights from Meditation

What if all our dreams, desires, wishes, even daily wants, are not something we think up on our own. What if they are actually created by God (Great Spirit, the Universe). What if these longings (dreams, desires, wishes, wants) are created for us because God wants us to have these things and we are conscious of them because they are calling to us. What if by being created for us, they long for us as deeply as we long for them. What if the perceived struggles between us and our longings is only our egos’ fears and insecurities holding us back? What if changing our perspective on life – changed our life.

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One thought on “Insights from Meditation

  1. Thanks for visiting my site Katrina – it has given me the chance to visit yours. Love your writing, content and visibility. I’ll go on looking now. Your cloud – does wordpress make the cloud? If so, can you tell me where. Have a great year and keep up the good work.

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