The Real Reason for the Season

There are numerous religious and spiritual principles observed in the United States every day; many of them not based in Christianity.  Many of these principles have high holy days which correlate with Christian holy days.  Right now there are many people preparing for celebrations and festivities that have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.  I’ve studied many different religious and spiritual principles from many other countries and most of them have a foundation of peace, doing good because its the right thing to do, love others, etc.  I’ve spent even more time studying Jesus, not just from a religious/spiritual perspective, but from a historical/anthropological perspective. From all my studies and from deeply personal experiences, my opinion is, Jesus is a very good man.  He loves all people unconditionally.  He believes in, crusaded for and died for social justice for women, children, the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the spiritually lost.  He isn’t just trying to make sure everybody on earth gets into Heaven.  He’s also showing us how important it is to treat each other, all people, of all races, cultures and religious beliefs with unconditional acceptance, respect and love, while still here in this life.  Yes, for many of us, we are celebrating the birth of a savior.  The birth of a man who more than 2000 years after his death, still has a profound affect on millions of people.  But for everyone who is celebrating any Holy day this time of year, it is a celebration of peace, joy, respect and love for other people and life in general.  So, as we all enter into this special season, lets follow the examples of all great teachers and profits, lets stop, look around, commit random acts of kindness, be patient, thoughtful and loving to everyone we cross paths with (this includes driving) and above all else, let LOVE Reign – after all, it is the real reason for the season.

Note:  if you read this far, you noticed I skipped between past and present tense when discussing Jesus.  This is intentional.  My personal belief is he is still as active today in the lives of people who need and want him as he was, when in a human body.

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