Everyday Spirituality

Believe it or not this is not something you have to study for years to get right.  True Spirituality is not walking around with your head in the clouds reciting scripture and meditating round the clock.  What it is, is being fully present, in the here and now.  Being completely human.  Christians believe we are created in God’s image.  I’ve heard the argument that this means his thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.  I personally like the idea of a kind grandfatherly guy with the white beard, long white hair and wrinkled smile.  But to each his own.  Many other religions and spiritual practices depict their Gods and Goddesses with 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, neck, you know…human.  Vedic, Greek and Roman Mythology,  Hindus, Egyptians, and many others all have Spiritual practices which sprang from a foundation of rituals meant to keep the Gods and Goddesses happy, pleased with them or at the very least, not angry.  So, the idea of being fully human?  True spirituality is don’t lie, steal, cheat on your spouse/significant other/domestic partner (I’ll make my point here in another blog), murder, abuse children or animals (I’ll give you my definition of this in another blog too),  basically, just do your best to be a really good person everyday.

So…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may the Spirits Bless You.

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One thought on “Everyday Spirituality

  1. May the Spirits bless you, too.

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