3 Questions

Back in the day, I was in charge of a youth group in a small Protestant church.  A hand full of wanna be teenage rebels who looked for any reason to be anywhere but church.  Honestly, I didn’t blame them.  The music was slow, ancient and boring.  The sermons didn’t apply to them or at least they didn’t see the relevance.  They were required to wear clothes they wouldn’t have been caught dead in under any other circumstances.  I was the same age as most of their parents and I didn’t want to be there much either.  So, coming up with interesting topics for the youth group meetings on Sunday afternoons was challenging.  All it took was one boring, irrelevant afternoon and they weren’t going to show up again for weeks.  My approach was to try and show them how Christianity related to them as teenagers.  One particularly successful meeting was when I asked them to come up with 3 questions they would ask Jesus if he were standing in front of them.  Stop reading for a few minutes.  Ask yourself what you would ask Jesus or God, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Great Creator, or even a long dead relative you haven’t spoken to for awhile. This is not a trick, you are not dead and the answers will stay with you.  So…what 3 questions do you have for the Spirits?  Those kids melted my heart that day.  Their questions were completely human and completely Spiritual at the same time.  Some of the questions were “what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?” “what is you favorite color?” “did you have a dog or other pet growing up?” “what was your favorite game when you were small, and a teenager?”  “were you ever afraid of anything as a kid?”  They showed that what they needed, what I believe all of us need, is to know the Spirits understand and can relate to us from a human perspective.

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2 thoughts on “3 Questions

  1. “…all of us need, is to know the Spirits understand and can relate to us from a human perspective.”


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