Be careful What you wish for

Have you heard this before?  I’ve wished for things over the years, some wishes didn’t come true, some came true and then a few came true in ways I wasn’t expecting. Ive written a couple blogs about my childhood. Now for more recent events.

First let me digress one more time.  Do any of you remember the old television show, The Lone Ranger?  I watched and while the other girls were swooning over the Lone Ranger, I was secretly drooling over Tonto.  It used to make me mad that they portrayed Tonto as not very bright.  Someone was always sneaking up on him and either capturing him or knocking him out.  I was quite sure Native Americans were intelligent, however, I didn’t know about prejudice and stereotyping back then.  So I kept my feelings to myself, guessing the writers of the show weren’t very bright. All the while thinking I would love to have a man like Tonto when I grew up.

Fast forward 35 years, an ex-husband, being a single mom, and becoming a grandmother.  My grown, intelligent, daughter, turned mother herself threatens that if I don’t find a date she will find one for me.  I love her, but I didn’t trust the date I might end up with if she picked him out.  So I joined an online dating site.  I searched through pictures, profiles and messages, becoming very discouraged.  Its still hard to describe exactly what happened.  Obviously I saw a picture, however there was more to it than that.  I sent him a message asking would he like to get to know each other, after e-mails, phone calls and time, I flew 1500 miles to meet him.  After more phone calls, trips and time, I moved 1500 miles to be with him, away from family, friends, my hometown, every thing familiar.  I’m sure by now you’ve guessed, he’s Native American, Extremely intelligent, well educated, Spiritual, and an all around great guy.

My point is…guard the wishes of your heart, hold them sacred, because the Universe and all the Spirits therein are listening and working behind the scenes on your behalf.  And from a more practical perspective, the online dating sites do work.  The problem is they make it look too easy.  They will find you someone with the same moral values, the same level of Spirituality, common interests and hobbies.  However, the relationships still take work.  No relationship is all sunshine and roses.  The healthiest relationships have their strenuous moments.  And finally, no matter how long you are with a partner, spouse, significant other, you have to keep working, keep finding ways to not just maintain the relationship, you have to really work at improving it because there is always a next level.

Coming soon, I’ll do a blog on the levels of relationships.

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