Happy New Year

Thankfully this weekend marks the end of the biggest holiday season of every year.  Unfortunately, for many the residual stress of the holidays lingers well into January.  I myself usually find that January feels like the longest month of the year. Saying Happy New Year is a subconscious and for some maybe a conscious wish for life to improve.  For all of us to find “New” happiness, peace, money, jobs, fun, adventure, love.  We use it as an internal marker for saying now I’m going to change, fix, let go of, or start working on projects we feel guilty over not already completing.  So here are some tips for starting the New Year on a kinder, gentler note:

1. Plan ahead to make New Year’s Eve safe, calm, and manageable.

2. Throw tradition out the window.  Just because you’ve done it every New Year’s Eve for as long as you can remember, doesn’t mean you have to do it this year, especially if it causes stress for you or anyone else.

3. If you wake up New Year’s Day feeling any regret or guilt; stop yourself.  Look at whatever it is, write it down if it helps you cope with it, then burn the paper.  Apologize to others if the occasion calls for it, then get over it.  Give yourself  a break.  Mistakes are the Universe reminding you “YOU ARE HUMAN!”  And guess what, every other person you know is human too.

4. If you can, rest New Year’s Day.  Do something that soothes your soul.  If it’s; watching tv-fine, reading a book-great, sleeping half or all day-why not, take a walk-even better, rock climbing or sky diving-go for it.  Whatever will give you peace and joy.

5. At the end of the day…it’s just a day.  Just another day like the one before and the one after.  One big step in de-stressing holidays, birthdays, funerals, for some maybe even weddings and family reunions is remember this…no matter what occurs or happens on any specific day – it’s just another day.  And if you are feeling festive, joyful and want to celebrate something, any day can be your own personal holiday.

So, take a deep breath, give yourself a break, give everyone around you a break and then let the days unfold as they will.

If you need someone to talk to contact me at freefullife@gmail.com

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One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. To me, new year’s day is just like another day, because I have tried to do new years resolutions before, and have not been successful. I have made conscious changes during the year instead which has been more effective. Interesting blog by the way.

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