2012 A New Calendar

Over thousands of years we have adopted a way to collectively track the phases of the moon, changing seasons, and astronomical movements and then base our months and years on these predictable yet uncontrollable events.  We developed calendars to mark these changes.  But these are merely frames of reference for deeper, more meaningful events.   Many ancient cultures marked changes in time by moon phases and weather which affected planting, harvesting, hunting…survival.  They allowed themselves more rest during the long dark winter months, and they worked harder during the long bright days of summer.  Before the technological advances of our modern world,  humans were much more in tune with nature and the elements.

The Mayans lived by a 5000 year calendar.  They saw the existence of our solar system in 5000 year cycles.  In December 2012, the current 5000 year calendar will end and a new 5000 year cycle or calendar will begin.  For several years now, the human race has been evolving toward a deeper connection with nature, a more Spiritual connection with each other and a more intimate connection with their Creator and other multidimensional Spirits.  We seem to intuitively sense the coming changes and realize we need to alter how we interact with nature, the elements, each other and the Spirits.  By accepting these needed alterations in ourselves and each other, we are taking responsibility for our part in adapting to the coming changes.  Embracing these changes offers us the opportunity to participate in the ushering in of a new age of prosperity, evolution, Spirituality and love.

These will be exciting times for all of us, no matter how we approach the changes.  I would love to hear how each of you are preparing and adapting for the coming evolution of our society.  Please leave your comments here or if you prefer not to leave a public post, you may e-mail your comments, ideas, and opinions to me at


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2 thoughts on “2012 A New Calendar

  1. This could be a blog post in itself. However, if I were to sum up what my wife have been doing to adapt, I would use the word “simplify.” We focus on essential needs of food, clothing, and shelter first. When we have resources to look beyond needs to wants and desires, we try to identify what will add real value to our lives. Both of us realized that we spent far too much money on passing fads that ended up collecting dust in some corner after a brief moment of interest.

    I doubt that we have “the best” of anything, because that usually involves more than we need or want. We do not play the “keep up with the Joneses” game, either. We have actually been working at simplifying our lives for several years, and we are finding much happiness and satisfaction in the process. In the process, I think we are finding ways to evolve away from being “consumers” to being “contributors.”

  2. Katrina

    My spousal equivalent and I live the same way as you and your wife. I think it’s the practical, mature way to approach life.

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