We all have our definition of beauty.  We may think of a rose, a sunset, our child or grandchild, a model or other famous person.  But what is beauty, really?  Is it an appearance, our perception of appearance, attitude, an indescribable energy vibration, or is it something more?  My opinion is, it’s all these and the something more.  You don’t have to be a size 2, or have six pack abs, or a head full of luxurious hair, or be a certain height, or drive a certain car or have a certain career. I believe beauty starts inside.  Its each person’s awareness of the world.  To be beautiful is to be the total package.  Beauty is kindness, politeness, awareness, consideration, empathy, understanding, grace, compassion, elegance, and balance.  Before we are able to feel and act on these emotions, we have to be healthy inside, mentally, emotionally, physically, metaphysically and spiritually.  I’m not saying that beautiful people never slip or have off days.  They do, everyone does.  However, to be truly beautiful takes work. You need is to know yourself well at the deepest levels, to exercise your body and eat nutritiously, to allow your mind and heart to rest and heal when the occasion calls for it, to pray, meditate, and sometimes, just ‘be’.  True Beauty stems from a calm, peaceful happiness mind set.  A way of living life that keeps everything in proper perspective and balance.  Then, your smile is bright, your eyes twinkle, your face is relaxed and people are naturally comfortable with you. This is honest beauty.

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