Awareness Benefits

While I believe Guru Awareness is too much for the average person, I do believe conscious awareness even if practiced for only minutes a few times a day can have an impact on your life. There are benefits to conscious awareness which many are not familiar with. One of the more immediate benefits is you become more cognizant of your surroundings. Conscious awareness practiced when driving will help you see possible hazards you might have missed if you were preoccupied.  Conscious awareness when chopping vegetables for dinner could help you avoid cutting yourself.  Conscious awareness during your daily jog could cause you to see obstacles thereby preventing a bad fall. If you consider conscious awareness based on your daily routine, I’m sure you will find more benefits which apply to you. A second benefit is the ability to think and ultimately feel more positive.  We are all programed from birth with certain ideas and opinions which over time become embedded in our subconscious.  Once embedded there, we are no longer attentive to the impact these ideas and opinions are having on our everyday life.  If we allow ourselves to operate solely on auto-pilot the subconscious is free to impose these deeply embedded notions onto our attitudes and actions without us even noticing. For example, as a child I often heard my father say, ‘cheer up, things could be worse and if you cheer up, things will probably get worse.’  So, for many years, if I felt happy for too long, I would have a panic attack and not know why.  Once I remembered him saying this, my panic attacks made sense.  Now I’m very cautious of my thoughts and I check myself regularly for signs of anxiety or panic. By being consciously aware, I am able to pay attention to my thoughts to be sure my thought processes are positive and life affirming. This is especially important when dealing with the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. If we want to attract positive into our reality, we must be thinking and feeling positive.  By being consciously aware of your thoughts, you can program your mind to produce more positive thoughts, which will produce more positive feelings and emotions.  Over time, the positive thoughts and feelings will become more habitual and you will start to see more of the positive in your life. Finally, practice does make perfect. The more you practice conscious awareness and positive thinking, the more natural it becomes for you.
If you would like some simple steps for practicing conscious awareness and positive thinking, you may e-mail me at

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