We all have our favorites even if we listen to a wide variety of music.  There’s a certain beat or tempo that stirs us deep inside.  That vibration which causes our blood to pump in time with the music and we want to dance or sing out loud and we don’t care who sees or hears us.  And then there’s one certain song which we identify with. You know the one.  The song that describes you so completely you want to scream “yes, that’s me, that song is all about me.”   So for today, I am asking that every person who reads my blog leave me a comment telling me what song describes You or at least which song is your favorite.  You don’t have to tell me why, but you can if you want.  I love hearing how people identify with music.  And then tomorrow I’ll leave a video of the song that I most identify with.  Have fun with this, there’s no trick or hidden agenda.  I love music and I want to get to know some of you better.

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