Spirituality First

I have been analyzing all 10 Commandments to see if or how they apply to other Spiritual Practices.  Adultery was easy, see my previous post on Sacred Fidelity.  Envy or Coveting was also easy.  See my previous post on Jealousy.  The first Commandment is “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.”   If you ascribe to one of the Spiritual Practices that recognizes more than one God, than this commandment might not seem to apply to you.  However, I think it applies to all Spiritual Practices.  The point is this, a therapist or physician can lose a patient, yes a mind or even life may be gone.  We are more than our minds or physical bodies.  We are Spirit.  Our Spirits are pure energy.  And every grade school child learns that energy can not be created or destroyed.  It can change form and appearance, but it still exists.  So, if a Spirit is lost, then so is existence.  Therefore, I believe the reason this is the first Commandment is because our Spirituality is the most important aspect of our existence.  God was saying put your Spirituality before everything else.  If you’re true to Spirit and your Spiritual nature, everything else will fall into place.  My heart aches that many people don’t know what their true Spiritual nature is or how to find it.  They have either been hardened by false hopes or misunderstandings related to whatever religion they were exposed to growing up or they were not exposed to any form of religion or spirituality at all.  In both cases, people know in their hearts something is missing in their life. They may feel a sense of longing, a need to belong, a need to find something they may have lost or even never had, they could even feel anxious or as though time is running out.  Albert Einstein said “I want to know God’s thoughts…everything else is just details.”  And one of my favorite songs is by John Denver, in Rocky Mountain High he sang, “Talk to God and listen to a casual reply.”  This is possible for anyone who wants it.

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One thought on “Spirituality First

  1. You mentioned in here the first commandment and how it may be an issue to some people…Many people acknowledge the ‘gods’ and many people pray to them and worship them etc..this is an issue that needs to be addressed. The Giver of life (God Almighty) is very clear about all intelligent beings giving their worship to God alone. People in many traditions worship the One and Only AND they pray to the ‘gods’..This needs to be refined. Our worship is to God alone. It is okay to respect and honor the ‘gods’ (angels) but people need to abstain from worshipping them. This is an interesting topic that you brought up…i think i’ll make a blog about it 🙂

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