I really don’t like this word.  But its the best ‘fit’ for my message.  To me a conviction is that deep, gnawing, knowing, feeling in the pit of my stomach.  That sensation of now or never, act immediately or all is lost.  In meditation recently I found myself wondering about giving God signs. Most people I know ask the Spirits, God, Allah, The Universe, for signs.  Signs that the answer is coming, or that relief is on the way or even a sign that someone is listening and cares.  Do we ever give signs to the Spirits, Allah, God, The Universe that we’re paying attention, that we are listening and care or that we trust Him/Them to care?  Do you ever get the feeling that you should give that homeless person your last dollar?  Or that you should donate to the cause of the school child with the brightly painted coffee can?  Or donate to Save the Children, St. Jude Hospital, The Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, or some other equally worthy cause?   I hate to be the one to tell you this…but…if it is really pulling at your heart, if you’re really struggling with the idea, then you should do it.  It’s the Spirits, the Universe, Allah, God, Angels, (you call them whatever you want), knocking on the door of your conscience.  Sorry, I’ve had the door of my conscience kicked in before, so I know what I’m saying. However what about out the smaller, less obvious, persuasions or certainties that sometimes don’t even make sense?  Should I take my neighbor a turkey sandwich, or offer the mail delivery person a cup of coffee (careful here, make sure you know them well and trust them), or maybe its just loving yourself in some way.  Could the urge to just read a book, take a nap or sit on the patio watching the sunset be considered a “sign” to the Spirits, God, Allah, Universe?  There are a lot of self help books, teachings, Gurus, etc. that tell us how important it is for us to take care of ourselves, rest, have leisure time, exercise, eat right, their lists seem never ending.  But what does Great Spirit think about how we treat ourselves?  Is it possible when we give in to that urge to watch a sunset, nap because we’re tired, or read a book to relax, that God is seeing this as our appreciation for ourselves.  That we are grateful for just being us.  That we want to make the most of every minute we have been given and that we are thankful for the opportunity to just be?  I believe this is exactly what (s)he sees.

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