Being Fully Human

Many religions teach that being human is not Spiritual.  Old school Christian churches preach original sin, the flesh must die for the soul to live, and my personal favorite, eternal hell fire damnation if you’re not ‘good.’  I do believe in Hell, the problem I have with these old school principles is each Priest, Minister, Preacher, and even some Gurus and Yogis have their own unique definition of ‘good.’  In previous blogs I’ve stated that many Spiritual principles are based in the concept that we are created by a God(dess) with very human attributes, personality traits and physical appearance.  And that we are created in their image.  So how is being fully human not Spiritual?  I personally belief it is the only way to be Spiritual.  To feel our feelings, to exercise our bodies and listen to our bodies aches, twinges, and even desires.  Yes, I said desires.  No Divine, Loving Creator would give us physical longings and desires if it wasn’t okay and even Spiritual to use them.  Let me interject here that I am a staunch supporter of Sacred Fidelity, so don’t take that last point out of context. To be fully Spiritual we can and should dress in ways that are comfortable for us.  Women, we should do what feels natural to us with regard to make-up, nails, hair, shoes.  Men, you should watch football, action movies, and own a sports car at least once in your life.  I’ve owned a couple myself and I have a third planned for the near future.  We should also do what we love regarding careers. There are reasons we have preferences and unique interests.  If each of us had a career that fed our soul and gave our heart peace, there would be the exact number of teachers, accountants, mechanics, hairdressers, shoe salesmen, and even Ministers and Gurus to balance the world’s needs.  The same goes for entertainment.  Personally, I love the Bubble Gum Pop music from the 1960s, I still love Elvis, The Beatles, and many others.  My favorite way to relax is an afternoon with a roaring fire and watching the old monster movies, Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, or reading a classic Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel.    It is Spiritual to be uniquely, fully human.

If you are having difficulty feeling Spiritual while expressing your uniqueness in any area of your life, please contact me at  Everything discussion is always100% confidential.

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4 thoughts on “Being Fully Human

  1. maryfollowsthelamb

    You might want to do a search on “Tom Robbins”. You’ll like him.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being human, including sex. I believe 100% in a Creator of the Universe and all it contains. I’m not so sure I believe in religion, which in my opinion was wrote by humans, almost always males, to control other people, almost always females.

  2. Katrina

    I agree with you about Religion, when I was in college I learned that the women who followed Jesus also wrote gospels, the Vatican has the originals “stored” somewhere. I have read unofficial publications that are supposed to be these gospels, but I’d still like to see the originals and read for myself what are in those writings. I’ll check out Tom Robbins. Thanks.

  3. maryfollowsthelamb

    I hope you’ve checked out some quotes by Tom Robbins. I’ve recently “discovered” him and I like what he has to say about religion and life.

    I read somewhere once that in the beginning, women naturally had more knowledge than men in areas such a medicinal plants, probably out of necessity. Males interpreted that as power, particularly in light of the fact that women bled every month, but didn’t die. So the covert agreement among men began to keep women barefoot, ignorant and threatened with a patriarchal God.

    What I find interesting is that Christianity, with its roots in Judaism, never mentions that the Hebrews way back when, believed God to be both male and female and in fact, still do. (You can imagine the reaction I got when I brought this up in Bible study.) To suppress that fact erases half of the equation for divinity, spirtuality and not coincidently, female sensuality which was made to be seen as “dirty” or “abnormal” BECAUSE men could not control themselves as far as sex goes so they needed to try to control women. And I think that was the real shame of the Garden of Eden story.

    (Abrupt transition here.)

    I like music from the 60’s too.I like Elvis and the Beatles. When it rains or snows, I tell my sister it’s one of my “I wish I had a fireplace” days. Nothing sounds more comfy and cozy to me than to curl up with an afghan\quilt in the recliner\rocker with hot tea\hot chocolate and Pepperidge Farm cookies! Of course, a good book until I dozed off would be in my hands. I’m currently reading “By The LIght Of The Moon” by Dean Koontz and one of my favorite books is “The Talisman” by Stephen King and Peter Straub. I LOVE old Hammer films! Christopher Lee can bite me anytime (as a vampire he’s still young of course). So we have a lot in common.

    You aren’t an Aquarian by any chance are you?

    • Katrina

      No, I’m a Leo, my mom is Aquarian, I think the commonalities between you and I are more a matter of Spiritual connection than Astrological.

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