Changes, some dread change, some deal with it, some invite it, some welcome it and some don’t even notice it.  We change every day, relationships change and life in general changes.  Change can be sudden or happen over a long period of time.  For example, I don’t dance and sing as much as I did even ten years ago, and ten years ago I didn’t dance and sing as much as I did thirty or even forty years ago.  There was a time in my life when dancing was my first and best form of exercise.  Now taking a walk is exercise for me.  This was a gradual change over many years. My diet has changed.  I recall when all I ate was fish, raw vegetables, and whole grain breads.  Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains, we fished and grew our own vegetables.  Now I live in the desert of the South West.  All our fish is frozen and raw vegetables are very expensive, so mostly we buy frozen or canned vegetables.  This was a rather sudden change which happened when I loved here.

So to prepare for this blog, I started thinking about deeper changes.  For example, Spiritual changes.  I’m your resident Spiritual Guru (usually) because this is an area of my life I nurture daily.  Spirituality is something we are all born with and either it grows and evolves or dies down.  It will never remain static.  Spirituality can grow and evolve in many ways at many different levels.  And healthy Spiritual growth and evolution will be at least slightly different for each person.  This is one reason I tend to avoid standard organized religion.  Too much of it comes in a one size fits all box.  I took God and all other Spirits out of the ‘box’ years ago.  (I’ll post another blog about this later).  We are each unique and have unique relationships, eating preferences, sleeping patterns, clothing choices, no two people are exactly alike, so why should our Spirituality be the same?  It should grow and change along with us as we mature and as our lives change.

And then what about the changes we make to keep something else from not changing.  This is a two edge sword.  For example, spouses (or in my case spousal equivalents).  People change, relationships change, so what if we want to keep the spouse we have?  We have to change with the person and the relationship to keep the relationship with this person. Our children change as they grow and mature.  We, as parents have to change our parenting skills to adapt and help our children as they change. Parenting is a life long endeavor.  The dynamics of parenting changes over time, however, we’re still parents.

Luckily, not everything in life is this complicated.  There are many things in life that may not change.  For example our taste in music, movies or even comfort food.  I still love and probably always will; the Beatles, Elvis, scary movies, and ice cream.

What in your life do you think will never change?  Leave me a comment below.  Also, a big thanks to Steve Tanner for his comments on Friday’s post, which gave me the idea for this topic.

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