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Cultural Sensitivity

All cultures are guilty of some insensitivity to others. Americans seem to be the worst. We not only expect visitors from other countries to think and act American when here in the States, we expect American behavior when we visit other countries. While we are all human and an energy running from source, there are unique differences in all of us based upon experiences, education, birth family, language, spiritual practices and birth country. God Source intended it to be this way.

We use many excuses for our feelings, yet the truth is, we’re being disrespectful.  I once had a job in the hospitality business. We were expected to smile and look every visitor directly in the eyes. Approximately 90% of our guests were American, so this was not a huge issue. We still had that 10% who were of other cultures and I’m sure some were either offended or caught off guard by our seemingly ill manners.

We have many other culturally diverse communities here in the States. Almost every major city has an area where immigrants live, work and socialize with their culture. Some examples of non-American cultural influence are:

Native Americans consider it disrespectful to make direct eye contact unless you are intimate with the person. I’m not speaking of only physical intimacy. Family, close friends, and of course spouses all fall into the category of intimate.

However, in Austria it’s rude to not make eye contact when toasting and clinking glasses.

In some oriental cultures it is bad manners to cross your legs and/or expose the bottom of your feet.

In China it is considered bad manners to eat everything on your plate. It indicates the host didn’t give you enough to eat. You are expected to leave a few bites of each course to show you are satisfied. This is also true in The United Kingdom.

In France you should keep both hands visible at all times during the meal.

These are merely examples of some cultural differences.  With the unification of cultures around the world, I believe it is becoming increasingly important to be knowledgeable, understanding and considerate of others cultural background in order to foster friendship, trust and diplomacy among all peoples.

Leave a comment below of something culturally unique about your family, where you live or your country of origin.

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Versatile Blogger Award

   Wow, A Versatile Blogger Award. I’m honored.

First I must thank Cindy at onemindmanydetours, she has an amazing blog, thank you Cindy xoxoxo

List 7 things about myself. So, I’ll try to think of 7 things I’ve not said in other blogs. Believe it or not, when I talk about myself in blogs, I’m telling the truth. Here goes,

1. When I’m very tired my Appalachian accent is much worse. I try very hard to speak eloquently, but when I’m tired, upset or sick, forget it, I revert.

2. During the summer of 2000, my daughter and I spent time in Israel with a group of people, working on a church and school damaged by bombs, neglect, etc. During that time we had many amazing experiences, I may do a series of blogs on that trip someday.

3. I love to eat, but I’m a horrible cook. I’ve taken online classes, watched videos, read cook books, talk to people who are good cooks, and I’m still bad.

4. My favorite color is purple

5. My favorite flower is Calla Lilly

6. I only drink alcoholic beverages if I like the taste, not because I like being drunk (I don’t!) and I’m not trying to kill any pains or bad memories. I also prefer the high end liqueurs (Glenfiddich is my favorite scotch)

7. I love music. Singing (I’m not that good) dancing (I’m pretty good), listening, (I’m a pro!) and I can play the piano, flute and piccolo.

Next nominate 15 blogs I follow and like, trust me, these nominees have amazing blogs.

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snowmama   I know snowmama personally, she’s an amazing wife, mother, and all around great woman.

Check out these blogs, they all offer something a little different.

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Tag I’m It

I’ve been tagged and I first want to apologize to allaboutlemon that it took me so long to respond to her tag. We’ve had internet issues and my computer was down. So, I’m It!  I am, trust me.  🙂  Okay, here are the rules,

First, as with all awards, thank the person that tagged you, Thank you to allaboutlemon

Answer 11 questions sent by the tagger,

1. Why do I blog?  To be honest when I started I was trying to find myself and figure out how to start my own business over the internet. Since being here at wordpress, I’ve met so many wonderful people and made so many friends, now I blog because I love you all so much.

2. Am I happy?  Yes, very much so, I’m at a ‘right of passage’ stage in my life, and a growing period, therefore my definition of happy has changed over the years, I’ve finally reached a point where my life and my definition of happy are in alinement.

3. Do I feel loved? Yes, in fact, referring back to question 2, my definition of love has changed over the years and I’m in a place where I’m not just loving and being loved, I finally am getting to know love on a deep level.

4. What are my dreams?  To help others who are lost, lonely, searching for a deeper connection to the Universe, to be at peace and to continue loving and being loved by the wonderful people in my life.

5. Describe myself in six words. I’m not good at this, so I asked my daughter (she’s 27 and has her own child) her response is: intelligent, spiritual, reflective, active, clean, sympathetic. I should clarify when she said clean, she meant I’m a clean freak, I’m one of those people who cleans house not because it’s dirty, but so it won’t get dirty.

6. What is my favorite animal and why? Well, I have 3 favorites, wolf, horse and large cats. My most favorite is a wolf. I’ve been honored with having 3 wolves as friends and companions for several years and they changed me and my perspective on the definition of ‘wild.’

7. If I were to have a pet what animal and why? Well, my most favorite animals are not pets, they’re friends, companions, etc. So if we’re talking just pet, a Rottweiler, they’re very gentle, calm and family oriented. Plus I just love big dogs.

When you read these words what comes to your mind in an instant and why?

8. Forest.  The place where I grew up. My family owns a farms in the mountains of West Virginia and I played in forests a lot when I was a child. It was peaceful, safe and fun.

9. Sea. Swimming in deep warm salt water that lifts and carries me as I glide through the water and allows me to float along with the rhythm of the tides.

10. Coffee. AAAWWW. Coffee, comfort, warmth, peace, and a taste unequaled to any other. I have a true friend when someone will drink coffee with me.

11. Am I happy with the questions and glad that you tagged me?  Absolutely. I love these awards and love being included in the games, the tags, and the fun.

Now I have to tag 11 people and give them 11 questions to answer. So, my tags are:

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And…here are your 11 questions:

1. How does blogging add to your life?

2. What makes life worth living for you?

3. What is in your bucket list?

4. What is your favorite comfort food?

5. What is your favorite drink?

6. Do you like your birthday?

7. When you were in school were you a bully, nerd, preppy, or something else?

8. What is your favorite music?

9. What is your hobby (other than blogging) ?

10. What is your secret fear?

11. What melts your heart?

Have fun!!!


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Alchemy of Love

Love is an energy. We process it as an emotion through mental and biological channels. Yet it is an energy in and of itself.  This is why we feel different types of love for different people in varying circumstances. The energy of love is not one vibration but a unique vibrational scale which fluctuates to accommodate each circumstance.

The vibrational scale of love becomes part of us at the time of conception. During conception the physical act necessary for procreation is an energy force bringing together all the cells necessary for life. Once combined the energy of dividing cells continues as new life is developing. While physical cells are multiplying so are brain waves which give us thought energy and emotion energy. The direct link formed between the physical heart and the physical brain is the metaphysical link between feelings and thoughts used to describe and process feelings.

During our lifetime every other person will stir our energy in different ways. Some will be similar, yet no two will be exactly the same. Our interaction with the energy of others plays our vibrational love scale as musicians play instruments. Each person strikes a unique symphony of cords on our vibrational love scale stirring within us those thoughts and feelings we call love. Other people are not love nor is what we feel for them really the “Love.” Love is an energy and other people are merely playing our energy when they allow their energy to join with ours. How the energies of two people play into each other’s vibrational scale determines the type of love each is feeling.

This is true of all feelings and emotions. Yet love is what we all need and want most.

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My 10 Day Mental Challenge

I’ve been using the 10 Day Mental Challenge posted by Lexia Cherry at New Life Parties.  If you’ve never visited her blog, check it out. So, she posts this Challenge which was meant to help you take control of your mind and learn to stop negative thinking. We all do it, no matter how much we deny it to others or even ourselves, we are conditioned to think from the negative. I decided to try it just to see if I ‘m as in control as I want to be.

My results?  They have been both good and surprising. First, I learned I have a completely different definition of “negative” than what I originally thought. It’s not those annoying words that denote a less than positive response, such as not, no, never, without, but, etc. I learned that true negativity comes from anger, hate, disapproval and the worst one: fear.  We can change our patterns of speech to reflect nothing except Zen qualities, if we’re feeling hate, anger, fear, we’re still very negative.  Second, I found that I am and always have been grateful for and deeply appreciative of the people in my life. The ones who keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Third, I have come to realize how many people are truly hurting from a Spiritual perspective. People who are searching for not just a deeper understanding, a deeper more profound connection with the Creator, the One God above all other gods. And finally, I learned I was right about myself and my beliefs and mostly Love.

If you would like to discuss, debate or even just talk and know someone is listening, please contact me at

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Why We Love Bad Boys or Why Men Love Bad Girls

Every man and woman has gone through a stage in life where they were obsessively attracted to the “bad” in the opposite sex. It’s normal, in fact, I’d be worried if you said this never happened to you.  Moms and dads try to pretend they never had this problem, yet they did, they’re denying it because they are trying to set an example for their kids. Notice I didn’t say a “better example.”

We flirt with danger, we skate on the edge of adrenalin rushes and we intentionally send attraction signals to the bad boys and girls because we are getting in touch with and learning about the dark places in ourselves. Many use the excuse that their life is boring or they may rationalize their behavior as a way to rebel against their parents, teachers, church or society in general. The truth is, they are attracted to the naughty or at least questionable because it validates the naughty in themselves. They are seeing their own dark places in these others.

All societies and cultures past and present have set rules, laws and certain social behaviors expected of it’s population. The reason these rules and laws have been developed is the fact every person since Adam and Eve has a dark place in themselves. A place where at least the idea of bad exists.

Facing our dark places is healthy. And for most of us, once we face the questionable ideas there in the dark, we’ll check them out, play with them for awhile and then release them. Many of us may remain adrenalin junkies which is okay, go sky diving, whitewater rafting, or on a photo safari. As far as the attractiveness of those bad boys and girls? One of three things will happen; you’ll get over it and become attracted to the preppies or the nerds, you’ll stay attracted but you’re family, culture or conscious will convince you to hook up with the preppy or the nerds, or…you’ll find the ‘bad’ look with the really good heart. A word of caution, the bad look with the good heart – comes with a unique set of instructions.

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Good Luck or Bad Luck

Being Irish, I’m well acquainted with leprechauns. They travel on rainbows, are very wealthy, and they dish out luck, both good and bad. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a leprechaun, you’ve learned sometimes luck can appear one way when in fact, it’s something else.

We often have a narrow perspective on everyday occurrences.  I remember, as a child, our family owned a car that was a standard transmission. Back then many cars came with standard transmissions. We were sitting at a stop light, the light changed and just as my dad was pulling out, our car stalled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car ran the light in front of us. My dad said, “if our car hadn’t stalled, the other car would have hit us.”  Another example is a story I recall from college. A farmer and his son are plowing the fields and planting the crops for that year. The son falls and breaks his leg. Because of the injury the son is not able to help his dad harvest the crops. A neighbor remarks to the dad, ‘what bad luck that your son broke his leg.’  The dad replies, “Bad luck, good luck, who knows.” Some crops die before the farmer is able to harvest them all, however there’s adequate food for the winter. During the fall harvest, the army comes intending to draft his son into the military. When they see the boy’s broken leg, they leave him out of the draft. What may appear as a problem, challenge or even just an irritating inconvenience, may actually be saving us from something far worse.

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Happy Wednesday

A good day to rest

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Love in the End

Today is Valentine’s Day and many posts, commercials, purchases, telephone calls, e-mails, and conversations revolve around “Love.”  When I was reading Anuschka’s post at Into-Mind (check her out, she’s got her act together), I was struck by the timelessness of “Love.”  Love is so vast and multifaceted that the Greeks had several words which meant love, each unique to the type of love or person who was the object of love. We are all born with the need for and capacity to love. It’s something all life forms are capable of, it’s just that a monkey shows love in a completely different way than a lion or a hummingbird, or a child versus an adult.  The emotion is unique to each one based upon varying factors including, stage of development and level of maturity. Let me interjection some empathy here for all the teenagers and young adults, healthy love doesn’t come naturally for most and is usually learned over time.

I’ve written posts on what love is and is not. Today, I’m going deeper. The only way love can exist is if fear exists – the law of duality is a law of nature. A necessary law. If it was always sunny, the sun wouldn’t really mean anything to us and we would most likely ignore it. Because night comes we have an appreciation of the sun because we know its opposite. The same for white and black, sweet and sour, left and right, up and down, wet and dry, there is really no end to the dualities in life. Love couldn’t be love unless fear also existed. There are many sub-emotions under fear; hate, revenge, malice, hostility, etc.  We must experience the negative to feel and appreciate the positive.

Love will prevail and is the answer to most of the world’s ills and issues. I know this to be true. One of my spiritual gifts is helping Spirits cross over when they leave their bodies. My grandfather taught me how to do this when I was 16 years old.  Because of the knowledge he imparted to me as he was crossing, I have no fear of the Spirit world. However, this gift has taught me even more, because, I’ve sat with others as they were crossing and helped them leave this life joyfully. Each person’s crossing is as unique to them as their birth was. However, the one thing they all have in common, at the time they realize where they are going and as they are accepting this change, is their thoughts and words are always of love. They speak of the joys, triumphs, and positive things they have done with their physical lives, they see loved ones who have already crossed and are waiting for them. There is no mention of fear, hate, hostility, or regret; only love, and they take this love with them, yet still leaving love behind with their family and friends.

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Liebster Blog Award

The Rules are:

1. Show your appreciation for the person who nominated you.

Many thanks and much love go to adollyciousirony at   allaboutlemon   if you have not done so already, you must check out her blog.  It is the best on the web.

2. My top 5 picks for this award are:

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Well Spring of God’s Love

3. Post the Award on my blog,

4. Bask in the Love of my fellow bloggers…  😉

Thanks again to a adollyciousirony.

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