The Box

Pandora’s Box is refuted to be filled with all the ills of human nature.  However, the worst ill of our natures is the ‘one size fits all’ approach taken to Spirituality.  There needs to be rules for all of us to follow, basic laws applicable to everyone which maintains order and peace.  Yet we are each a unique creation, here to contribute in a unique way with individualized talents and gifts suited to our purpose.  No two people have the exact same finger prints, foot prints, or DNA codes.  Some are very close and similar, yet still not exactly the same.  Likewise, no two artists, musicians, school teachers, professional athletes, or even Spiritual Gurus, have the exact same talents, or abilities.  Each one contributes much to their chosen field in different ways which when combined, equal the sum total for success.  The Spirits which keep our existence running are unique in their own right and purpose within the Universe, so why should we not accept that we are also individual and unique as well.

Acceptance of our individuality opens the door to relating to the Spirits on terms that meet our needs and allow us to work with them to accomplish our purpose and live from our souls.  How will you know you are living your purpose?  You’ll feel it.  Life will become easy, daily responsibilities will be accomplished with very little effort and the challenges of life will be handled with less stress or worry.  For some people this will happen from a change in attitude and perspective on the life you’re already living.  For others, it may mean making minor changes and then for some, it may require major changes and adjustments to your life.  You may have to move, change careers, even the place where you worship or how you worship.  Changes are scary for all of us.  Yet without change, we would all become stagnant and existence would be boring.

To help you adjust to change, take your God(ess), Great Spirit(s), The Universe, out of the box.  Stop thinking that how your sister, spouse, best friend or neighbor function spiritually has to be the same for you.  Also, stop limiting your God(ess), Great Spirit(s), The Universe to what you’ve been taught are their abilities and functions.  Your God(ess), Great Spirit(s), The Universe will meet you, where you are in your spiritual evolution, whenever you’re ready.  My spousal equivalent is Native American and he prays, speaks to Great Spirit in his head.  I’m Celtic/Druid and even though my beliefs and rituals are very much like the Native American beliefs and rituals, I walk around the house speaking to God, and other Spirits out loud as if they are right in front of me.  My spousal equivalent and I have the same joys, struggles, triumphs, and dreams, yet our relationship with the energies in the Universe are very different, still we seem to obtain pretty much the same results.

The same is true for each of you and every other living creature.  Take your Spirituality out of the box, start thinking and feeling from a place outside of that one size fits all box.  You’ll be amazed at what happens.

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2 thoughts on “The Box

  1. The Extropist

    buddhism also asks us, as well as many mystery religions do, to explore our divinity and the words and ideas offered in order to better explore our inner nature

  2. Katrina

    Very true, I didn’t realize there were many students of the mystery religions reading my blog. So far, most of my audience has been from the western culture of stricter religious principles. I am trying to open their eyes and hearts to the broader more divine spiritual practices, such as some of the mystery religions. I’m honored to find that others are reading my posts as well.

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