I’m Not That Deep

I admit it, I’m just not that deep.  Or maybe it depends on your definition of ‘deep.’  I have written blogs in the past telling you true spirituality is being fully human.  So, when we, and I include myself in this ‘we’ are longing to be spiritual I think we should look inside for what makes us happy.  Stop reading, think of four things that really stir your heart, make your stomach lurch and take your breath away.  Doesn’t matter what or who they are, just let yourself feel these feelings, let a smile cross your face, let your heart soar and your breathing stop.  It’s okay.  These feelings are God (or whatever name you use), living inside of you.  I strongly suggest a vision board for happiness.  Print pictures of whatever makes you happy and put them up where you can see them every day, several times a day.  I keep pictures of my daughter and grandson on my desk, right beside my computer.  I keep my spousal equivalent in the same house so, if he’s home I can go look at him, or hug him whenever I feel the urge 🙂 .  I have pictures of all my family and pets I’ve had in the past.  I keep flowers and other plants growing in the house and the yard.  I keep the windows uncovered all day and open if it’s not too cold.  I listen to music almost everyday.  I pray and meditate every day.  Remember, happiness is not a destination, neither is spirituality or compassion, or peace, or passion, or romance, or serenity, or tranquility, or love; they are the journey, the path we choose to walk, the day to day exist we create for ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are some pictures I found that stir my heart and keep me connected to and communicating with the Spirits who live in me.





And the one that’s always left me breathless

My grandson, Robert Lee Pettry IV, aka Bubby

Life in it’s truest form isn’t complicated.  We only make it that way when we stop living in the positive.

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