Alive versus Living

We are all alive.  Even after our heart beats its last and we release the last breath our energy transforms and becomes something more in the Spirit realm.  Yet are we really living here and now?  Are we looking for opportunities to share, laugh, love?  Are we grasping every chance to make a difference to the lonely, less fortunate and desolate?  Are we open and welcoming to others whether they deserve it or not and whether or not we even really know them?  We all want compassion, kindness, empathy.  We all need a smile, a touch, a kind word, even if spoken by a stranger.  There is a malady which strikes both human and animal babies, called ‘Failure to Thrive.’  It happens when the babies are not held, cuddled and touched. The babies actually waste away, don’t gain weight, grow, develop or mature.  Even with adequate food, liquids and other nutrition, if they’re not held, cuddled and touched, they will die.  In captivity female animals have adopted the babies of other species, nursing, protecting and caring for them.  Its as if the animal senses the needs of the baby even though its not her baby.  How often do we humans do this?  How often do we hold life precious and sacred whether the one in need is physically related to us or not, or even of our species?  Elderly people can suffer from this affliction also.  A few minutes of kind conversation, respectful communication, holding a hand or giving a hug can make all the difference to you and the recipient of your actions.

Also, do we appreciate the flowers, the air, water, rain and snow, wind, wildlife, and the people in our lives which bring smiles to our faces and warm our hearts just by being present.  Do we grasp the chance to play with a puppy, rock a baby, read a child a story, help someone load groceries, or hug our teenagers, parents and spouses?  Are we allowing ourselves to feel all the feelings necessary for true living?  When we fully live – giving from the heart, we are not only helping others, we are helping ourselves too.  That hug you give someone else, when they hug you back, the positive energy is doubled.

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2 thoughts on “Alive versus Living

  1. There is much truth to your words no matter what beliefs anyone holds. Peace to you.

  2. Katrina

    Thank you, high praise from such a wise and spiritual person

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