Before I present today’s post, I want to thank adollyciousirony for a post which had a lesson in it for me.  If you have not checked out her blog, please do so at allaboutlemon – she has the most amazing categories and interesting activities.

Today she posted a video about the power of words.  It wasn’t what I was expecting at all and it changed my perspective on myself.  The last frame of the video were these two sentences:  Change your words.   Change your world.

I have been going through major life changes over the past three years.  Just when I think everything is settling down, I am confronted with something new and different to deal with and learn from. Recently, I’ve noticed everything in my life; relationships, work, family, friends, the internet, even just being home either by myself or with William, is affected by my words. Tone of voice, inflection, volume, all affect our words, but what I’ve noticed lately, are the words themselves.  For example, I can say I love the soft petals and sweet smell of a rose. Or I can say I’m really glad thorn bushes have flowers on them. I’m talking about the same flower, but from opposite perspectives. Or another example, I could say, I wish the salt shaker was closer to me or ask, would you please hand me the salt. Internally, I’m still looking at the same outcome, I’m just seeking using different words.  So, the lesson for me is my words affect not only other people, they affect me and the general energy around me. As a self improvement program for myself (and hopefully my loyal wordpress fans) for the next few days or possibly weeks, before I say or write any words, I’m going to test them on paper and out loud to see if I’m really conveying my feelings and to experiment with the words to see if maybe there are more positive words that will convey my message more clearly.

Anyone interested in joining me, feel free to leave comments below about your experiences with words.

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5 thoughts on “Words

  1. This is great Katrina, I love this… Actually I’ve written an article about “words”. you would be happy to read it here : http://ezinearticles.com/?Words-That-Are-Spoken-Each-Day-In-Our-Lives-And-Words-That-Are-Written-In-Our-Love-Letters&id=6187847 and then it would bring you to my other website in here:http://www.abeilleamore.com/daily-nuggets.html#/20110417/words-written-in-our-love-letters-3-510633/
    I have some collections of words and I would be very happy toe share them with you in regards to your very interesting post “Words”. Let me know if what you have in mind is the same in what I was trying to imply with my article. 🙂
    This is truly wonderful, I’m glad you opened this up. Thank you so much!
    Sincerely, I love your blog,
    dolly xoxo

  2. ooops, typographical error 🙂 sorry about that- I would be very happy to (not toe) share them with you…

  3. Now that you mention it, this practice seems to be essential to my blogging. It starts with writing down my thoughts, then proceeds to rearranging ideas to make my thoughts more clear and easier to follow. Selecting different words to express the same idea can lead to shorter statements with more punch that seem to help make blog easier to follow… or at least I hope so. It can take me a long time to write a short article for this reason, but it is an interesting study in how words influence energy.

  4. Katrina

    I still write ‘old school’ by keeping a giant Thesaurus beside my computer. That way I’m not (hopefully) using the same word(s) repetitively through out the blog.

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