Love in the End

Today is Valentine’s Day and many posts, commercials, purchases, telephone calls, e-mails, and conversations revolve around “Love.”  When I was reading Anuschka’s post at Into-Mind (check her out, she’s got her act together), I was struck by the timelessness of “Love.”  Love is so vast and multifaceted that the Greeks had several words which meant love, each unique to the type of love or person who was the object of love. We are all born with the need for and capacity to love. It’s something all life forms are capable of, it’s just that a monkey shows love in a completely different way than a lion or a hummingbird, or a child versus an adult.  The emotion is unique to each one based upon varying factors including, stage of development and level of maturity. Let me interjection some empathy here for all the teenagers and young adults, healthy love doesn’t come naturally for most and is usually learned over time.

I’ve written posts on what love is and is not. Today, I’m going deeper. The only way love can exist is if fear exists – the law of duality is a law of nature. A necessary law. If it was always sunny, the sun wouldn’t really mean anything to us and we would most likely ignore it. Because night comes we have an appreciation of the sun because we know its opposite. The same for white and black, sweet and sour, left and right, up and down, wet and dry, there is really no end to the dualities in life. Love couldn’t be love unless fear also existed. There are many sub-emotions under fear; hate, revenge, malice, hostility, etc.  We must experience the negative to feel and appreciate the positive.

Love will prevail and is the answer to most of the world’s ills and issues. I know this to be true. One of my spiritual gifts is helping Spirits cross over when they leave their bodies. My grandfather taught me how to do this when I was 16 years old.  Because of the knowledge he imparted to me as he was crossing, I have no fear of the Spirit world. However, this gift has taught me even more, because, I’ve sat with others as they were crossing and helped them leave this life joyfully. Each person’s crossing is as unique to them as their birth was. However, the one thing they all have in common, at the time they realize where they are going and as they are accepting this change, is their thoughts and words are always of love. They speak of the joys, triumphs, and positive things they have done with their physical lives, they see loved ones who have already crossed and are waiting for them. There is no mention of fear, hate, hostility, or regret; only love, and they take this love with them, yet still leaving love behind with their family and friends.

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