Good Luck or Bad Luck

Being Irish, I’m well acquainted with leprechauns. They travel on rainbows, are very wealthy, and they dish out luck, both good and bad. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a leprechaun, you’ve learned sometimes luck can appear one way when in fact, it’s something else.

We often have a narrow perspective on everyday occurrences.  I remember, as a child, our family owned a car that was a standard transmission. Back then many cars came with standard transmissions. We were sitting at a stop light, the light changed and just as my dad was pulling out, our car stalled. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car ran the light in front of us. My dad said, “if our car hadn’t stalled, the other car would have hit us.”  Another example is a story I recall from college. A farmer and his son are plowing the fields and planting the crops for that year. The son falls and breaks his leg. Because of the injury the son is not able to help his dad harvest the crops. A neighbor remarks to the dad, ‘what bad luck that your son broke his leg.’  The dad replies, “Bad luck, good luck, who knows.” Some crops die before the farmer is able to harvest them all, however there’s adequate food for the winter. During the fall harvest, the army comes intending to draft his son into the military. When they see the boy’s broken leg, they leave him out of the draft. What may appear as a problem, challenge or even just an irritating inconvenience, may actually be saving us from something far worse.

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