Alchemy of Love

Love is an energy. We process it as an emotion through mental and biological channels. Yet it is an energy in and of itself.  This is why we feel different types of love for different people in varying circumstances. The energy of love is not one vibration but a unique vibrational scale which fluctuates to accommodate each circumstance.

The vibrational scale of love becomes part of us at the time of conception. During conception the physical act necessary for procreation is an energy force bringing together all the cells necessary for life. Once combined the energy of dividing cells continues as new life is developing. While physical cells are multiplying so are brain waves which give us thought energy and emotion energy. The direct link formed between the physical heart and the physical brain is the metaphysical link between feelings and thoughts used to describe and process feelings.

During our lifetime every other person will stir our energy in different ways. Some will be similar, yet no two will be exactly the same. Our interaction with the energy of others plays our vibrational love scale as musicians play instruments. Each person strikes a unique symphony of cords on our vibrational love scale stirring within us those thoughts and feelings we call love. Other people are not love nor is what we feel for them really the “Love.” Love is an energy and other people are merely playing our energy when they allow their energy to join with ours. How the energies of two people play into each other’s vibrational scale determines the type of love each is feeling.

This is true of all feelings and emotions. Yet love is what we all need and want most.

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7 thoughts on “Alchemy of Love

  1. Hello dear I just tagged you and you’re It!
    Check it out here:
    Have fun 🙂
    Dolly xoxo

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  3. Very beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

  4. absolutely, looking forward to more 🙂

  5. Anyone ever hear of using “Love Energy” for “Alchemy?” The people at claim they use “Love Energy” to create skin lotions and other “exotic essences” using “Philosopher’s Stone Techniques.”

    • Katrina

      I checked out the website, and I think their philosophy is loosely based on an ancient concept that if several people gather with loving intention and focus, they can heal diseases, both physical and emotional, I’d be careful though before getting too involved, until you get to know more about them and research them a little more, I noticed on the website, they offer free instruction by email, maybe sign up for the emails and see what they’re all about. Couldn’t hurt and maybe they’re good intentioned and honest, only one way to find out.

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