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Love and the Law of Attraction

Today will be a short, upbeat post. I have a busy weekend as it’s William’s birthday on Sunday. So, today a short post regarding love and the Law of Attraction. We all want to be loved, but do you realize how much you want someone you can love?

To use the Law of Attraction, you do for yourself all the things you wish a mate would do with you. It’s that simple. You want someone who will have a drink with you while watching the sunset? Pour yourself a drink and watch the sunset while really appreciating the beauty and peace you have during these moments. You want someone to help with the house work? While doing your own housework, smile, listen to feel good music, even dance or just sing along. And here’s a biggie. You want someone who sees you as beautiful, handsome, sexy, appealing? Take care of yourself every day. Ladies, do your hair and makeup even when your home doing housework or just hanging out watching tv and resting. Gentlemen, take a shower, comb that hair, and no ball hats. Put on some clothes that aren’t ragged or torn. A little perfume or aftershave and smile. If you already have a mate and you want to improve the relationship, these little steps go a long way. To attract or even improve an existing relationship, you must be the same type of person you want in the relationship.

The point of Law of Attraction working with Love: the measure of how much we love ourselves is the measure of how much others will love us.

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend.

If you need help with a specific relationship issue, e-mail me at

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Law of Attraction 1.5

I am back tracking a little today. My daughter, my only child, and the most amazing woman I know is fighting a demon right now. She is a smoker, and has been for far too long. She decided she wants to quit and its not going so well. She sent me text messages this morning, several in fact, about her withdrawal. She’s highly intelligent so the psychological component is not a huge issue for her. However, the physical component is major. She is nauseated, constipated, shaking all over, sweating and has a bad taste in her mouth. In short, she’s miserable. We are going to Skype later today and I’ll work with her using energy medicine. But her condition started me thinking about my blog on Monday.

The Law of Attraction sounds good and it does work. Yet I’m betting there are many people who have, will or are facing the physical withdrawals when fighting an addiction. So, I want to offer this advice. It doesn’t matter if its cigarettes or cocaine, alcohol or meth, food or something else, never try to stop cold turkey over night. It won’t work and its dangerous. Bad habits are one thing, addictions are completely different. When dealing with a true addiction, the Law of Attraction is only one tool in an arsenal you will need to overcome the addiction.

I would like to offer this to my wordpress followers. If you or someone you know needs help with a bad habit or an addiction, I will provide my services at a 20% discount and it will be completely confidential. My e-mail is and I always respond in less than 24 hours.


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

   First I must thank MoJo at MomentofJoy if you have not checked out this blog, please do so, there’s always something to inspire your mind and stir your heart on her blog.

Next, seven things about myself, I’ll be honest, I’m running out of interesting things to tell you, but I’ll give it a go:

1. I love plants and flowers. Our home is full of them year round.

2. My daughter and grandson live 1500 miles away (its a 2 day drive) so I don’t get to see them as much as I want, I miss them terribly.

3. I’m writing my first books (plural), I currently have 3 fiction books I’m working on and a Spiritual Self Improvement Book. I hope to have at least two of them published and available as e-books within the next 2-4 weeks.

4. I have a tattoo, however, I keep it covered most of the time, it has great spiritual significance to me and I probably will never get another one simply because of the deep significance of this one.

5. I hate aging physically. I fight to maintain my strength and agility, and I’ll probably have some cosmetic work done in the near future.

6. I am much more Spiritual than I ever write about in my blogs. I love Jesus deeply and this is based on profound personal experiences. I believe in angels, Saints, animal spirits and Spirits in general.

7. I love scary movies. Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon (although this one really isn’t scary.  My favorite day of rest is rain or snow, wind, coffee, and a good scary movie.

And now my nominees for Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Warriors and Goddesses

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Paula’s Pontifications

All these blogs are worth reading and I follow them closely. Everyone enjoy and have an amazing Thursday!

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Law of Attraction Part 2

Today I’m using myself as the example for how Law of Attraction helps with weight issues. Growing up I was very slim. Not bean pole thin, I had hips, breasts and a few curves, but I was thin. So, I know what thin feels like. Then at 24, pregnant with my daughter, my hormones and metabolism went haywire. In only nine months I gained 70 lbs. My blood pressure stayed down, there really wasn’t any water retention, I was just fat! I gave new meaning to the expression “beached whale.” And, no, my daughter only weighed 6 lbs, 15oz. The rest was me. I wore my maternity clothes home from the hospital after she was born. In fact, I wore maternity clothes for almost 4 more months and then had to buy…wait for it…size 14 pants.  What did I do?

To start with, I found pictures of myself from before all the weight gain. If you don’t have pictures of yourself the size you want to be, find pictures of models who you want to emulate. Do Not! put them on the refrigerator. This will only make you angry and law of attraction doesn’t work when you’re mad. Take these pictures of the way you want to look and carry them with you. At work, in restaurants, anywhere you’re tempted to eat wrong. When you start thinking you’ll have a donut instead of yogurt or, dessert instead of salad, take the picture out, look at it and then look down at your stomach, thighs, etc.

Make a list or a vision board of what you and your life will look like when you lose the weight. Will you go on vacation? Don’t wait until you lose all the weight, take a winter vacation to comfort yourself. Thinking you’ll buy a new car? Why wait? Buy the car now. Many of us use food as a comfort or to replace something we think is missing in our lives. If these things weren’t missing, we might not turn to food as often.

Splurge now. Go buy something at least 2 sizes too small. Something you will look amazing in. Hang it in the closet and look at it about 3-4 times a week. Again, do not hang it up where you can see it every time you walk by, remember, anger makes things worse. FYI, this one trick helped me the most. I had a beautiful, lacy pink top that I couldn’t wait to wear. Also, reward yourself for milestone progress. For every 5-10 pounds that come off, buy yourself something, like new pants, top or dress. Start revamping your wardrobe while you lose the weight. Guys, this goes for you also. Side note, as your clothes become too big, donate them or give them away. Get them away from you, this way, you have nothing to fall back on and if you gain a little back, you’ll have more incentive to lose it because your clothes will be uncomfortable.

Start an exercise routine. I got up 30 minutes early everyday just to exercise in my family room. Anything that gets your blood pumping. If your thing is walking, take one of those pictures with you on the walk and really meditate on how you’ll feel when you’re that size.

Finally, diet pills only work short term. To keep the weight off, you need lifestyle changes. Eating healthier and exercising more are the two most important things. However, if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth then pick one or two days each week (No More than 2!) when you eat dessert. My favorite, is usually on Sunday mornings I make cinnamon rolls or some other danish in place of traditional breakfast. Or I buy single pieces of pie or cake in the deli of my grocery store for Friday or Saturday dessert.

Law of Attraction brings more of what you are concentrating on into your life. To change what you’re thinking about, start making the small changes. You’ll start noticing many of the new things show up without you doing anything. Be grateful, accept them, welcome them and make them part of the new you. As more new shows up, start getting rid of the old, immediately. For all the changes you want, stop thinking ‘maybe someday.’ Why not today?

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Law of Attraction

Before you decide not to bother with this post because you think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, give me a chance to explain. I am going to show you a new angle to the Law of Attraction. While positive thoughts and feelings are important they’re only a piece of the big picture. Over and over again, I would try the Law of Attraction and fail miserably every time mostly because what I was trying to create was new and different. How could I possibly hold a thought much less an emotion for something I’d never experienced before? Well, sit back and relax, I’m going to show you how it’s done.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking, and no I’m not picking on smokers, almost everyone in my immediate family is or at least was a smoker at some time.  Okay you want to quit, you’ve tried everything and you still can’t kick the addiction. The first thing you do is find a substitute for the fix you are getting. The nicotine patches and gum both work well for curbing that craving.

Now, sit down with a pen and paper, the signals to and from the brain are stronger when you write instead of type. Make a list of what you and your life will look like after you quit smoking. Will you get your teeth whitened? Will you start getting regular manicures? Will you start an exercise routine? Maybe you’ll change your hairstyle or start wearing a special cologne, or perfume. Or maybe you’ll buy some new clothes to celebrate. This one worked for my uncle, you’ll take the money you’re saving now that you’re not buying cigarettes and open a savings account with the money. Right now it doesn’t matter how you feel about these things, the feelings will come later.

Now that you have your list, pick one thing on the list. A girlfriend of mine started with getting her teeth whitened. That was week one for her. When she saw how great her smile was after the whitening, every time she wanted a cigarette she would look in the mirror at her pretty white teeth and remind herself what would happen if she smoked a cigarette.  And no she didn’t stop completely over night. But this helped her cut back quickly. The second week, she started going out for a walk every morning before work. Not a jog or even a power walk, just a leisurely stroll around her neighborhood. Over time this progressed into running for exercise, but she started slow. Week three she had her hair colored and styled  in a way she’d always wanted but never tried before. Over time she started to feel like a new person and the cigarettes became less important.

As I said earlier in the post, she didn’t quit over night. No one becomes a two pack a day smoker over night, so you’re not going to quit over night. The point is don’t think if you quit smoking then you can change other things about yourself. Change things about yourself and your life then you will attract the urge to not smoke. As you start making these small changes they will become familiar and you’ll feel comfortable with the new changes. As you become comfortable with the new changes then you attract more new changes. Over time you can and will become anyone you want to become. It’s simply the Law of Like attracts Like.

I will continue this post later in the week using other examples of weight loss, exercise, and careers.

Happy Monday!

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Happy Saturday! I love the weekends, so I try to keep my weekend posts light and fun. Today, animals are very much on my mind. I respect and love animals, all animals, admittedly some more than others, yet every animal adds to life. Many cultures including Native American and Celtic (the two biggies in our home) believe animals are necessary for our mental, emotional and spiritual health. We believe every person is born with at least one power animal to guide and teach you during your life. Most people have many over a lifetime. Side note, this usually doesn’t include household pets, but can under some circumstances.

Our ‘power’ or ‘totem’ animals are usually animals that come to us unbidden and unexpected. They come to teach us about the cycle of life. To impart their wisdom and unique abilities to us. They don’t force us to learn these lessons or adapt to their gifts. The choice is ours to make. Some examples are birds which frequent your yard. Every bird is unique and has a gift to impart. Squirrels, prairie dogs, opossums, raccoons, deer, the list can go on and on depending on where you live. Just seeing them can have significance but usually they show up repeatedly over a certain length of time. Here at our home we have a couple coyotes that wander through every day, we have a mating pair of falcons and we occasionally see golden eagles and bald eagles. There is an entire family of quails and I see skunk from time to time. Each has a unique gift and wisdom to offer us. We take their pictures, we watch them and always try to make them feel welcome here. They are as much a part of the cycle of life, the Universal Consciousness and are God’s creations just the same as humans. Even if you don’t buy into the ‘totem’ animal concept, just watching wildlife in your yard can relax you, distract you from your stress and add a few moments of joy and happiness. Never underestimate beauty from God and appreciate it in whatever form it comes to you.

Here are a couple pictures taken here at our home.


If you would like to learn more about this subject here are some websites I visit from time to time

Shaman Links

Totem Dictionary

Have an amazing weekend.

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Have you ever wondered what you’re worth? I’d be surprised if you said no. I think we all go through periods in our life when we wonder if we really deserve to be here, to be alive, to take up space on this planet. The truth is not only do you, and you, and him, and her, and them all deserve to be here. You’re critical to life as we all know it. Take for example the butterfly gently flapping her wings, which starts a ripple effect in the energy field and eventually becomes a windstorm. Your energy has the same effect on the world around us.

You get up this morning, you don’t feel well. Money is tight, you haven’t slept well for several nights, your boss has been very demanding lately and your dog is sick. So, you snap at your husband. Your husband is now grouchy and he goes to work and snaps at his secretary. She goes to lunch and is in such a bad mood she doesn’t leave the waitress a tip. The waitress is depending on her tips just to make her car payment. The waitress is unable to make her car payment, her car is repossessed, so now she has no transportation for work. Since his main waitress can’t get to work, the restaurant owner loses business and ends up shutting down the diner.

Rewind, You get up this morning, you don’t feel well. Money is tight, you haven’t slept well for several nights, your boss has been very demanding lately and your dog is sick. You stop, take a deep breath and remind yourself how much you love your husband.You give him an extra hug and kiss and tell him how much you love him.  Your husband takes danishes for the office staff. His secretary didn’t have breakfast so the danish is a treat. At lunch she’s feeling so good, she doubles the tip she normally leaves for the waitress. The waitress is able to make her car payment. She decides to take an extra shift every week at the diner. Business improves and the diner hires the secretary’s firm for advertising. So your husband lands a big account and money is not so tight.

This may seem a bit extreme, but every person’s energy affects every other person’s energy. What if you suddenly weren’t here? Your absence would create a hole in the energy field which would be felt by people who don’t even know you. Recall, in the paragraph above how your actions set off a chain reaction affecting a waitress you never even met. We all have worth and value beyond what we can see or feel. So when you start to have doubts about your worth, have faith. Faith is not belief without prove, its trust without reservation.

Have a great weekend.

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Scents Smells Odors and Other Olfactory Essences

Did you know our sense of smell is attached to our emotions? Scents, odors, fragrances, stir our emotions as much or possibly more than sight or sound? My point? Too much of a good thing is bad. You get in the elevator and end up standing next to a man wearing an entire bottle of aftershave. Or, you’re in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you obviously bathed in her perfume.

So, today’s post is a fashion tip for the nose. Ladies and gentlemen, we all appreciate when others smell clean and look their best. We also appreciate passing by and getting just a whiff of cologne or aftershave. But it’s possible to over do it. Just like putting too much sugar in your cookies or too much salt in your casserole, too much cologne ruins the overall package.

Ladies, there are two ways to apply just the right amount of perfume. If you have a spray bottle spray the mist into the air in front of you and then immediately step into the falling mist. Do this with your head down so the mist falls into your hair and onto your shoulders and clothing.  If you have to apply with your fingers, lightly coat the tip of one finger, rub the same finger on the opposite hand and then touch your temples in your hair line. Yes, put it in your hair. You can also add some on the crown of your head, but again, put it in your hair. If this is a special occasion, you can also put just a drop in the bend of your arms (front of the elbows) and right behind the knee. No more.

Gentlemen, with regard to aftershave, just a couple drops in your palms, rub your hands together and then across your cheeks, chin and neck…really spread those two drops out over your skin, then stop. If you use a good cologne, you can use it in place of aftershave, but please don’t use them together. If you tend to sweat and are worried about body odor, use a good deodorant which compliments your cologne, then if you want, one drop, just one,  about one inch below the waist band of your underwear. It doesn’t matter if you sweat there or not, your body temperature is higher in that area and will emit the odor of your cologne in a subtle way as your body temperature fluctuates.

And finally, for men and women both, if you can smell yourself after ten minutes, you’ve used to much.

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Hungry Girl

No, I’m not hungry, although it is morning here. Hungry Girl is a website dedicated to healthy, low fat, low calorie eating. The concept was started by Lisa Lillien, who busts many myths about diet food and provides recipes which help bulk up the meal without bulking up on fat and calories. I first came across her while watching an episode of Dr Oz. On that particular show she showed how to make mac and cheese with low fat, low calorie ingredients and then add cauliflower which of course adds vitamins, minerals and fiber without adding unwanted fat or calories. Plus, it fills you up faster and keeps you full longer.  Truthfully, I haven’t tried this yet, mostly because I’m not a fan of mac and cheese (yeh, I know, sorry) and I prefer my cauliflower raw. However, from her news letter, I’ve found some amazing salad ideas, such as adding fruit, nuts, tuna, chicken, and a host of other ingredients. While she uses many foods in her cooked dishes which I prefer raw, still her recipes sound practical, nutritious and easy. I’ve signed up for her newsletter and will continue to watch for new recipe ideas from her. Who knows, she may convince me to try a few new foods or at least old foods prepared in new ways.

Here’s the link for her website: Hungry Girl    If any of you are already familiar with her, please leave me a comment to let me know your opinion. If you’re not familiar with her, I invite you to check her out. I”ll be interested to know how some of her recipes taste if anyone tries them.

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Happy Ostara a.k.a Spring

Technically, spring doesn’t start until tonight. From dusk this evening to dusk tomorrow evening, light and dark will be equal and balanced.  For the Druids and Celts this is a lesser day of celebration. The Vernal Equinox or Ostara is a time of planting seeds, of awakening and of longer, warmer days ahead. It is a celebration of newness and an appreciation of nature in her infinite wisdom.

One of my favorite songs is “The Rose.” A line from the song: “in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose.” We all plant seeds, some bear the fruit and flowers of our hearts desire, some don’t. What we reap depends in part on the ‘seed’ we plant. However, the most beautiful seed will not blossom if it is not properly nourished. If we plant a seed of love and then water it with anger and feed it with impatience and condemnation, what grows is some mutant which we can’t handle and in truth, probably don’t want. Likewise if we water it with encouragement and feed it with patience and acceptance what grows is an eternal love which adds beauty to the world and inspires all that gaze upon it.

As you can see, Freedom to a Full Life is undergoing a make-over. New blog topics will include diet tips, recipes, ideas and encouragement for smoking cessation, fashion and beauty news, and more serious issues such as domestic violence, delinquent children, homelessness, drug addiction, and the ever growing poverty world wide.  Please take a few moments to explore the pages of my blog. I’ve given them all a fresh coat of paint and feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Thanks and have a great day!

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