Authentic Truth

While reading a blog by Make Believe Boutique I found this quote,

Unity consciousness leads us to the same moral behavior that religions dictate for their followers. The difference is that when we ourselves choose, from the depth of experience, goodness over evil, we become good. If, instead, we do merely what we are told, we layer goodness over unhealed parts of ourselves…Elizabeth Lesser

We all are born wanting to please our parents. Especially when we have gentle, doting, protective, parents. When we begin mental, emotional and spiritual growth, begin discovering parts of our true nature, the nature instilled in us by God before conception, we sometimes find we are not created the way our parents were, nor is our true nature in alignment with how our parents see us or want us to be. This can cause immense guilt and shame for the child. Constantly told to look, feel, think, act, in ways that feel wrong or unnatural yet to not obey or at least comply with your parents directives means you’re bad or at least, not good. Finding and truly living your own unique truth is imperative for a fully congruent personality, emotional health and spiritual maturity. Yet for many it also feels as though they’ve betrayed their parents. Which causes them to continue feeling guilty and shameful long after they’ve recognized their unique truth and are far past being ready to live fully in and from this truth.

For anyone under eighteen reading this, your parents are still your parents and you should respect them for that simple fact alone. For everyone else reading this, I made peace with this conundrum by accepting these facts: every generation faces different societal structures, they base many things on the society they live in, including how they parent. Every set of parents has no way of knowing what society or the world in general will be like for their children at any future time. Most parents do the best they can with the limited information available to them. Remember, children don’t come with instructions.  Our parents are not us and we are not our parents. And finally, for every time that voice in your head or heart starts screaming…but mom (dad) said not to…(you fill in the blank), to my voice I reply….’mom and dad aren’t here.’

Living in and from your authentic nature, being fully in your unique truth is the greatest accomplishment you will ever achieve and it’s a true honor to the Great Creator. So, be yourself, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the rest of the world.

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3 thoughts on “Authentic Truth

  1. That was awesome!!! You just painted the journey of my path for the last 10 years. I don’t blame my parents, I say to myself “what am I going to do today that is positively different from yesterday”? And I also found another shortcut, and that is to “cut cords of emotional attachment”. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an energetic action that creates a physical response. By cutting a cord to say mom, one no longer has an emotional charge to her, the relationship is still there, yet without the emotional charge that creates the dysfunction. Very Powerful and to the point.
    Anyway, LOVE your post, and may blessings continue to shine upon you.

    • Katrina

      Thank you, glad you liked it, and yes, I’ve used the cord cutting before, I had to cut my emotional attachment to both my parents, I guess maybe I should do a post on that also, thanks again for stopping by

  2. honoring your journey…

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