Sunshine Award

I must first thank nocturnefirefay for this lovely award. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Next answer 10 questions:

favourite colour – Purple, all shades, but the deep royal is my very favorite

favourite animal –  Wolf, yet I love and respect all animals

favourite number– I can’t say I have a favorite number, however, in numerology both by birthday and name my number is a 3, so I should probably say 3.

favourite non alcoholic drink– coffee

Facebook or twitter– Facebook,

my passion– Spirituality, Universal Consciousness and Love, and on a more practical note William (my spousal equivalent) 😉

getting or giving presents– Both

favourite pattern– Chaos, the pattern of no pattern, so it doesn’t sound so mystical, think of a field of wildflowers or the stars in the sky at night, there’s a pattern that’s ever changing but yet still a pattern.

favourite day of the week–  Saturday, especially the morning, it’s officially the weekend, yet there’s still plenty of weekend left.

favourite flower– Cala Lilly, and I love all flowers,

My nominees are:


Speaking from the Heart

mommy mystic

moths to a flame

Searching for the LIght

Impressions of my world

j ruth kelly

peace with my life

the last song I heard

women of spirit and light

No pressure to participate, but please enjoy your award and have a wonderful Monday!


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4 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. It was fun to read your answers. Thank you for the nomination.

  2. Congrats on your award Katrina! You deserved it! 🙂

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