Knowledge: acquaintance with facts, truths or principles, familiarity with a particular subject or branch of learning, familiarity or acquaintance gained by experience or report, fact of knowing, awareness of a fact or circumstance. Obviously, we can gain or acquire knowledge through numerous avenues.

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life of which I’m most proud, in the top five is going to college. Not because it’s made my life any easier or increased my income substantially. I’m proud of my college education because I was told growing up that I didn’t need to go to college, that women shouldn’t be more educated or make more money than men. If we did we were taking something away from a man. Okay, so my family was a little (?) chauvinistic. They still loved me.  But I digress. So far the only use I’ve found for my degrees is to be in business for myself (Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer).  They’re legitimate degrees (Christian Counseling and Cross Cultural Communications), there’s just not a big employment niche for my knowledge, experience and abilities.  But again I digress.

I tell people all the time, ‘I’m a wealth of useless knowledge.’  I know facts about the most obscure subjects. I was watching the game show, Jeopardy recently (actually I watch it almost every day) and William asked me if I was winning. I wasn’t keeping score for myself, yet, when I thought about it, I was answering correctly on average 70% of the time. Not great, I wouldn’t have been the champion, but still not too shabby. Which of course started me thinking; which doesn’t take much, I tend to over think everything. I have education, knowledge gained from my education and from life experience and I have life experiences, so what good is all this ‘knowledge’ really doing for me?  I have a plethora of skills and abilities, I’m intelligent and I learn quickly, I’m open minded, friendly, and I love people, all people unconditionally. Yet, none of this has helped my income at all.

So, how important is education or the gaining of knowledge in every day life? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this. Please leave a comment below and tell me your perception of this matter.

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21 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. The value is in the sharing of knowledge and life experiences. Giving back to the community has been one of the greatest rewards for me. I have an undergrad and graduate degree, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than being able to voluntarily help someone live a better life. I have used my English and communication degrees to teach ESL, GED, and basic Life Skills courses. I have used my organizational skills to create a scholarship fund at my high school alma mater to support graduating seniors in need of financial assistance. All of these things have meant more to me than any position or title I have earned in my career. Sharing knowledge…

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I’m in the process of finding a clear path which feeds my soul and allows me to be fully me.

  2. Based on your question I would suggest reading Malcolm Gladwell’s – ‘ \Outliers’, in it he discusses how people come to be successes in life. That genius only takes us so far, and the very often it is the time we are born in, and the just plain fortunate things that happen in our lives … It was his best of the 3 I have read (Tipping Point and Blink).

  3. You have so much knowledge of love and the divine. Don’t sell yourself short.

    I have a nursing degree which a am marginally using but as soon as I shift further toward healing it will make a huge difference.

    • Katrina

      Thank you, that means a lot to me, I’m probably just going through a stage of evolution for my higher good and higher calling, I appreciate your words of encouragement.

  4. You have something very large and influential that you will be accomplishing soon. I believe you know what it is. (a book?)

    This is your time and your success will be quick. After that you will set another goal and again your success will follow soon after.


    • Katrina

      Yes, I’m actually working on a Children’s book, 3 fiction novels and a Spiritual Healing Book, since you obviously picked up on something from me psychically, I believe your prediction and take it to heart. Thank you and bless you.

  5. I think all these things that seem like disparate information will come together in some unique way for you to express something as only you could…Our experiences and studies make us, and so we are all guaranteed to be 100% unique, and many brilliant new ideas, artworks, or spiritual inspirations have been born from seemingly disparate tidbits coming together…

    • Katrina

      Thank you for these kind words, I truly appreciate the love and support

  6. I actually learned things in my undergraduate and graduate degrees that expanded my life. I learned to think in new ways and approach difficulties from a different angle. Law school was just one enormous confidence course, and I had lacked confidence the most. They were all worthwhile and they all paid off with my ability to get a job I wanted. When I first graduated with my undergraduate degrees, I made the same amount of money as the high-school educated secretary. The difference was that my income grew much faster than hers, and I was HAPPY with my job. She hated hers. That’s what made it a success. The money I eventually earned was a bonus. And that law degree? It got me the job I wanted (not litigating, I assure you). I love my job, ensuring civil rights for those who cannot always advocate for themselves.

    This is a long-winded way of saying that if you love what you’re doing, and you make enough money to support yourself, then it’s all good. But listen to your soul, because it could send you someplace unexpected (like law school)!

    • Katrina

      Well, apparently I’m not listening to someone, this is the second time in 10 years that God has literally put me on my butt and then convicted me with the idea there’s something else he wants me doing (the first time I was working in a hospital and making great money – but I admit I didn’t love the work, and the second time I was a paralegal / office manager great money again, but still didn’t love the work) I keep feeling as though I’m supposed to be helping the Spiritually lost but its also been made clear to me that it isn’t to be in conventional ways, so I’m betting I’m supposed to help unconventional people, which is fine, I’m rather unconventional myself,
      Thank you for sharing your story and for the encouragement, I really appreciate it.

      • Just keep listening. Every night before bed, I’d ask for the answer for the next step. Every morning, it was “I don’t want to go to law school. I’ll try again tomorrow!” I didn’t like the guidance, but took it. Now, my direction is far more metaphysical, and it’s a lot more fun. But both are fulfilling. So, I guess I’m saying that you may not like the answer, but it may pay off in the long run.

      • Katrina

        Good advice, thank you for sharing yourself, sharing ourselves with others is often where our questions find the best answers, thank you again.

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  8. LOL I’m full of “useless” info too…

    Here’s my take on it – different people are knowledgeable about different things but it doesn’t make anyone more intelligent. I have the perfect example.

    Years ago I worked with a guy who was close to retirement age. Every day, he had to call up IT and ask them to reset his password because he could never remember it and he wasn’t allowed to write it down. I used to show him how to use the computer system and he’d get confused all the time.

    One day he got frustrated and said something like “you must think I’m stupid” – he wasn’t angry at me – he was the nicest guy in the world – but he genuinely believed that’s how others saw him.

    But I said “you’re not stupid, you just have a different set of skills. You know about machinery and fixing cars. You can build things with your hands. Sure I know how to use a computer, I can make it do things and that might be fine, but do you have any idea what I’d give to be able to have YOUR skills? I would love to mend my car without having to pay an arm and a leg to someone else. I would love to be able to make furniture and have the satisfaction of knowing i built that, with my bare hands.”

    It put a smile on his face. I meant what I said and I still believe it now. “Knowledge” and “intelligence” is contextual.

    • Katrina

      I have son-in-law who is an auto mechanic (he does it all engine, body, and all the extras that hold it together, when he was in school, he actually rebuilt an entire car in my driveway as his final project for his degree) he is also very computer literate and is unbelievable with video games, but he really struggles with reading, writing, history, etc. And all in all, he’s a great guy too,
      I agree with you that we all just basically know different things, and that it takes the collective to keep the world running.
      Thanks for the pep talk.

  9. Being educated,having college degree, helps in initial stages,when you are searching for a job. But after that, your street sense, practical knowledge, your experience, help much more. Sometimes it is your instincts that helps in solving issues. Logical thinking and your problem solving ability are another tools which help you in day to day working life. Education helps in honing all these skills. Education gives you broader outlook and thinking ability. This is what I have understood and realised in my 20 years long career.

  10. fred

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