Happy Saturday! I love the weekends, so I try to keep my weekend posts light and fun. Today, animals are very much on my mind. I respect and love animals, all animals, admittedly some more than others, yet every animal adds to life. Many cultures including Native American and Celtic (the two biggies in our home) believe animals are necessary for our mental, emotional and spiritual health. We believe every person is born with at least one power animal to guide and teach you during your life. Most people have many over a lifetime. Side note, this usually doesn’t include household pets, but can under some circumstances.

Our ‘power’ or ‘totem’ animals are usually animals that come to us unbidden and unexpected. They come to teach us about the cycle of life. To impart their wisdom and unique abilities to us. They don’t force us to learn these lessons or adapt to their gifts. The choice is ours to make. Some examples are birds which frequent your yard. Every bird is unique and has a gift to impart. Squirrels, prairie dogs, opossums, raccoons, deer, the list can go on and on depending on where you live. Just seeing them can have significance but usually they show up repeatedly over a certain length of time. Here at our home we have a couple coyotes that wander through every day, we have a mating pair of falcons and we occasionally see golden eagles and bald eagles. There is an entire family of quails and I see skunk from time to time. Each has a unique gift and wisdom to offer us. We take their pictures, we watch them and always try to make them feel welcome here. They are as much a part of the cycle of life, the Universal Consciousness and are God’s creations just the same as humans. Even if you don’t buy into the ‘totem’ animal concept, just watching wildlife in your yard can relax you, distract you from your stress and add a few moments of joy and happiness. Never underestimate beauty from God and appreciate it in whatever form it comes to you.

Here are a couple pictures taken here at our home.


If you would like to learn more about this subject here are some websites I visit from time to time

Shaman Links

Totem Dictionary

Have an amazing weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Same here; there are so many beautiful animals out there, that you can never get bored seeing them! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. For many years, Grizzly was my primary totem. As I learned to stand in my power, it has changed to Spider. Along the way, many appearances by Fox, Raven, and Eagle! I have many animals in my family and the animal totems and I work well together. Thanks for the opportunity to review their presence!

    • Katrina

      Spider is my shadow totem, I’m still learning from her. I carry wolf and raven, although my lifetime animals are horse and large cat, my spousal equivalent carries the bear and eagle. His native name is High Eagle. We’re always working the spirits here.

  3. love those creatures! 😉

    and yes, “admittedly some more than others, yet every animal adds to life” 😉

  4. You have a wonderful blog Katrina! Totally entertaining. Your pics of New Mexico are awesome too. I visited there often when I lived in Arizona. Blessings

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