Law of Attraction 1.5

I am back tracking a little today. My daughter, my only child, and the most amazing woman I know is fighting a demon right now. She is a smoker, and has been for far too long. She decided she wants to quit and its not going so well. She sent me text messages this morning, several in fact, about her withdrawal. She’s highly intelligent so the psychological component is not a huge issue for her. However, the physical component is major. She is nauseated, constipated, shaking all over, sweating and has a bad taste in her mouth. In short, she’s miserable. We are going to Skype later today and I’ll work with her using energy medicine. But her condition started me thinking about my blog on Monday.

The Law of Attraction sounds good and it does work. Yet I’m betting there are many people who have, will or are facing the physical withdrawals when fighting an addiction. So, I want to offer this advice. It doesn’t matter if its cigarettes or cocaine, alcohol or meth, food or something else, never try to stop cold turkey over night. It won’t work and its dangerous. Bad habits are one thing, addictions are completely different. When dealing with a true addiction, the Law of Attraction is only one tool in an arsenal you will need to overcome the addiction.

I would like to offer this to my wordpress followers. If you or someone you know needs help with a bad habit or an addiction, I will provide my services at a 20% discount and it will be completely confidential. My e-mail is and I always respond in less than 24 hours.


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3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction 1.5

  1. You are AMAZING!! Just holding the space for your daughter to process her body’s transition to health and holding the vibration of pure belief in her whole, healthful state of being is probably the most important thing you could do for her. So many members of my family suffer from addiction, so I understand your concern, sister. I send her blessings, love, and light.

    • Katrina

      Thank you, she’s can use all the love and light we can send her

  2. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Very strong of her that she decided to quit!
    Many blessings to you and your daughter xo

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