Health From Law of Attraction

Health; we all take it for granted until we no longer have it. I’m on this band wagon myself right now, since William and I both have been passing some sort of bug back and forth for almost a month now. So, how are we using the Law of Attraction for health? Well, let me preface this with, the Law of Attraction needs help. You can’t sit and think healthy thoughts and expect to recover from illness or even stay healthy. This is probably the simplest example of how Law of Attraction works. To be and stay healthy, you have to act healthy. What is acting healthy? Eating the right amounts of the right foods, a.k.a balanced diet. You can’t eat sweet rolls for breakfast, a candy bar for lunch and then ice cream and cake for dinner, then wonder why your stomach doesn’t feel right, your bathroom routine is non existent and your face is swollen. At the same time, don’t eat raw vegetables three times a day either. This will have the exact opposite affect on your bathroom routine and your face will still be swollen and you’ll probably have stomach cramps. Eat small portions of foods from each food group (and no wine and chocolate donuts are not food groups, if they were, I’d be very happy!).  I also advocate eating dessert maybe twice a week. Or if you’re one of those people who just isn’t satisfied until you’ve had a bite or two of sweetness, then eat just one or two bites of something sweet. William keeps a bowl of candy on the kitchen table. Usually something like jelly beans, skittles, Hershey’s kisses, etc. So after eating he can grab a few pieces to quell that sweet craving.

The same goes for exercise. You don’t have to be a marathon runner, body builder or professional sports figure to work your muscles and help your body flush out fat. In my younger days I was a weight lifter. It’s really not convenient for me now, so I fall back on my second love which is dancing. I turn up the stereo and I boogey. But if dancing isn’t your thing, ride a bike, or an exercise bike, walk the dog double the distance you normally walk. You and the dog both will feel better. Ball play with your kids, swim, play tennis, golf, anything which will increase your heart rate, body temperature and breathing.

Also, too much alcohol is bad for your brain, liver,stomach and kidneys. Yes, it has been proven a glass or two of wine, beer, or even a mixed drink two or three times a week is fine. This is not a license to drink a six pack every day after work or an entire bottle of wine on Friday night because you’re bored and lonely. The same goes for recreational drug use. I personally believe marijuana should be legal, however, again, everything in moderation and we all know there are plenty of street drugs out there which will destroy you before you know what’s happening to you.  The destroying part, goes double for your physical body.

The point here is this, when you eat healthy, exercise even in small bursts, and don’t abuse your body with substances never meant for human consumption, you are telling the Universe that you respect your body and want it to be healthy. Your body will respond in kind and you will begin to raise your energy vibration which sends signals to the Universe, then the Universe sends back equal energy vibrations of respect for your body. The results are the eating healthy, exercising and respecting your body get easier and you start to look and feel better.

The truth is in many ways, people have been using the Law of Attraction for hundreds of years, they just didn’t know how the Law works or the impact it has when followed correctly.

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5 thoughts on “Health From Law of Attraction

  1. This makes perfect sense Katrina, thanks for this post.

  2. Great blog. 🙂 Nominated you again.

  3. I never thought of the law of attraction in these terms. good to know. this post was helpful. thanks for sharing 🙂

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