Peace, that feeling of pure calm bliss. We all want it. When I was younger I loved the old gospel hymn “Peace in the Valley.” I still like it however, I’ve decided I’m not going to wait until I cross to the spirit world to enjoy peace. So, how will the Law of Attraction help us find more peace?

Peace is like happiness, it’s inside of you. It’s a state of mind, heart, spirit. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t, it can be created. But only you can create it for you. I began my quest for peace by looking at all the things in my life which were not bringing me peace. My list included a job that wasn’t feeding my soul, an honest lack of fun and entertainment in my life, missing my daughter and grandson, and an unhealthy diet with too little exercise added to the mix. Your list will vary greatly I’m sure.

My solution? I prioritized the list. I started with the one thing which was causing me the most angst, a job which wasn’t feeding my soul. We spend approximately one third of our lives performing some sort of work, so I personally believe this time should be spent in a manner befitting our moral values and in alinement with our spiritual compass. I’m sure there are many moral/spiritual accountants, physicians, delivery (wo)men, cashiers, and hairdressers. It’s not what you do, but whether your work is in line with your soul’s destiny. You will feel, deep in your gut, if it is or isn’t. And only you can decide if you should change careers or not. The decision was easy for me, through no fault of my own, I was laid off.

Second, I began eating healthier and getting more exercise. This is not easy because William and I have very different food preferences. So, I’m taking baby steps. Simultaneously, I’m working on bringing more fun and entertainment into my life. I’m brushing up on my chess skills (I currently am so rusty the Tin Man would feel sorry for me) and in line with the exercise, I’m waiting for the weather to break so William and I can play golf at least a couple times a month. Finally, my daughter is coordinating with me on planning more trips for us to visit together.

The Universe will sense your desires. As you take these baby steps and implement these small incremental changes in your life, your energy vibration changes, rises, and begins bringing you in line with your intention of finding peace. As your energy vibration changes, you change, your thoughts, opinions, desires and reactions to the world around you change. The Universe feels the change and changes what is sent to you. You will begin seeing spontaneous circumstances show up which bring you more comfort, calm and peace. This will set in motion a snow ball effect  wherein the more peace you feel the more peaceful circumstances will come to you. Peace like all other intentions in life is a journey, not a destination. As we navigate through life in these mortal bodies we learn and gain the feelings, the energy vibrations which ultimately carry us to our Divine Destination.

P.S. I’ve made some changes to my e-mail settings, if you have a moment, please send me a short e-mail, just saying hi, or something silly, to  so I can test the results.

Thanks and have a great Wednesday.

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8 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading today…Thank you!

  2. Katrina

    You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by

  3. I think lots of us are making changes, big and small, to change our lives right now. I hope your new alignment is just what you were looking for! Onward and upward!

  4. Isn’t amazing how the universe responds to the energetic value of the thoughts we produce? It’s such a tranformational realization when one realizes that one discovers ample evidence every day that one is truly co-creating every circumstance in one’s life. It’s wonderful that you not only listen to soul’s deepest desires, but also help others to do so as well.

  5. Katrina

    Thank you

  6. I loved this Katrina. I needed it, today especially. I’ve been stressed due to lots of exams and schoolwork this week, and it feels like the craziness won’t stop. All I need is some sleep. Just a few precious hours. If only I could enjoy some now, but there are too many other things I need to get done first.

  7. Thank you for posting this. I really needed it. I do okay, then somehow get a bit too tired and off balance a little. I am getting back on track and making some changes myself, including making sure I get more rest. Hope you enjoy this day and weekend!

  8. Really appreciate this… “Peace like all other intentions in life is a journey, not a destination. As we navigate through life in these mortal bodies we learn and gain the feelings, the energy vibrations which ultimately carry us to our Divine Destination.”

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