What You Don’t Know About the Law of Attraction

Many of you have commented that my posts are giving you a new way of looking at the Law of Attraction. Thank you for the comments, they help me more than you know.  Today I’m going to point out a few nuances of the LOA which most proponents of the principle don’t teach.

First, trying to reverse a negative with a negative will never work. When you’re looking at you weight and you’re thinking and feeling, “I’m so over weight” all you’re doing is acknowledging the fat cells. However, just saying “I’m so slim and beautiful” won’t work either. Because deep down you’re lying to yourself. And most of us with any moral compass will sense the lie on a cellular level.It’s still a negative statement.

Second, our bodies and spirits are connected, physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected. While our Spirits are in residence on this physical plane in our physical bodies, then there is a solid connection. However, we are also physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected to the Divine. There is scientific evidence implying the Divine communicates with us on a cellular level.

Most of us are programmed from conception with cellular ghosts from our ancestors and even more from our parents. Encoded in these cells are imprints of our ancestors lives. Their joys, fears, opinions, financial status, careers, education and spiritual beliefs. Now we’re not completely reprogrammed from our ancestors, but there are small ghost imprints that linger in us. So when I look at my thighs and wish for Julia Roberts’ thighs, I’m actually battling my grandmother, my aunt Lou, and my aunt Jean.

How will the LOA help with this? First, I have to love my grandmother, Aunts Lou and Jean they were beautiful women. Strong, well educated, intelligent and physically beautiful women. And instead of channeling their thick thighs, I channel their intelligence, their strength, my Aunt Lou’s beautiful skin, my Aunt Jean’s gorgeous auburn hair (it looked and felt like silk even after she started graying) and my grandmother’s hour glass figure (she had the smallest waist of any woman I’ve ever known-even with the bigger thighs). Not to mention they were all well endowed above the waist.

Then, as I’m sure some of you have guessed, I go jogging. I concentrate on my breath while running, I take in the magnificent scenery around me, and I meditate on these beautiful women and the ways in which I do want to be like them, on how fortunate I am to have known them and to be where I am now, with William and the amazing life we have together.

By concentrating on the positive I already have and can channel from my ancestors, then over time there’s less room for the negative and it has no choice but to leave because there’s no longer any room for it in my life (and on my thighs.)

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11 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About the Law of Attraction

  1. I appreciate the realistic perspective of LOA in this post. We have to be real and work with what is truly positive in our now (and in our heritage!), don’t we? Good stuff…

  2. I admire old pictures of my grandmother, mother and aunts occasionally and focus on the positive, too. I had no idea I was practicing LOA. When younger, I always cursed my genes for giving me spider veins at 18 and fat knees. I don’t do that anymore. Soon after I started doing yoga last fall, I told myself that I will probably never have skinny legs but I can have strong legs and healthier legs. It worked. I am actually thinking about wearing skirts this summer. Something I haven’t done in over 10 years.

    • Katrina

      I have spider veins from my grandfather, I actually had scoleretherapy on them about 5 years ago, a word of warning its not forever, the spider veins come back, but I am much more confident about my legs since then, right now I just need to lose about 25 pounds and most of it is on my thighs and stomach.

  3. I find your posts so helpful, Katrina.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you so much Katrina for being a great reminder

  5. Really nice post on how to “get into the vortex” by feeling our way toward positive thinking without trying to get from here to there on a statement that your body, on a cellular level, knows is bologna.

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