Mature Love

This is an addition to today’s post on naming emotions. And it’s all about love. The one emotion we all agree we want, and I bet if you ask every single one of us would say it’s the number 1 priority for a happy life.

This is a re-post of a blog I wrote sometime ago. Its the basis of experiencing the difference between being in love, and truly ‘knowing’ love. When you ‘know’ love you find your true self existing in harmony with another. And this changes everything.

Mature love is not for the faint of heart. Its not poems, flowers, candy and long make out sessions these things are lust. Although even at my “mature” age, I still enjoy all of these things, they’re not love. Lust and passion are intricate parts of mature love. Yet there is so much more to “love.”

Mature Love is messy hair, bad breath, sneezing, coughing, impatient, irritable, tired, bored, busy, hungry, thirsty, birth and death. When you can endure all of these things with the same person over and over, yet still go weak in the knees when they kiss you, that is love. It’s turning the porch light on for them, its bringing them a cup of coffee, it’s picking up their medicine when they’re sick, it’s working by their side to landscape the yard, it’s planting seeds inside in winter so they’re ready to plant outside in the spring, it’s one person vacuums and the other dusts, it’s a home cooked meal, and late night cookies. It’s knowing your world was changed forever, yet you can’t put your finger on the exact moment it happened. All you know is; you will never be the same because of this other person and you know you can’t imagine life without them.

Yet, trust me, tomorrow or the next day, they’ll probably irritate, frustrate or otherwise bother you in some way.  If the love is still there, it’s mature.

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6 thoughts on “Mature Love

  1. How very true! I love this, thank you so much for sharing. Mature love is everything you described…and is to be treasured above all.

  2. Does mature love include, er, buying feminine products for your wife? I did that LOL I don’t understand why guys get hung up on that. Just throw ’em in the basket. It’s not like anyone will think they’re for you…

    • Katrina

      Yeh, on your part it counts I’m not sure about her part, I’ve never asked a guy to do that, I always felt like it was my issue not theirs, but maybe that’s just me.

  3. Warriors and Goddesses

    lovely post… so true, the little things are the big things… the good, bad and ugly at various times changing the state of play, but how you feel about the person doesn’t.

  4. Thanks so much for reposting this 🙂

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