Power Couple

There are power couples everywhere; Hollywood, Europe, in politics, entrepreneur power couples, I don’t need to name names, most of us know who they are.  However, in looking at a great picture this morning of what I believe to be the ultimate power couple, I’m now wondering what makes a power couple?

Is it the money they have? The charities they sponsor? The projects they orchestrate, fund and see through to its completion? Is it their values and morals about the world around us and how they interact in the world together?  Or do we, their fans make them power couples just by being their fans? I’m wondering if maybe we assign ‘power’ where there really isn’t any. Like I said, I won’t name names, but one couple comes to my mind and when I heard the news they were separating, I felt true remorse for them and how they let their ‘power’ come between them. I’ve thought about this issue quite a bit, mostly because William and I both are always working, striving, planning, or orchestrating something both separately and together. We have jobs outside the home, we have our own home businesses, we have home projects, we our always looking for ways to not only improve our life together as a couple, but we truly want to improve the world in general. While we’re not millionaires yet, does our heart felt desires for improvement in all areas (financial, ethical, moral, spiritual) make us a power couple?

In my musings over this I’ve decided that at least from my own perspective power is not how much money you have or how famous you are or even how worthy your projects are; power is your moral and spiritual strength. Its how you view and operate in the world 24/7/365 and beyond. True power is to use said power for the good of yourself, your loved ones and others, even those who are completely different from us. Sometimes power is in what we don’t do, or how we stay in control even if we don’t feel like it. And finally, sometimes, power is in how we love ourselves, others, and the world itself. At the end of the day, authentic power is our ability to love.

So, here’s my ideal power couple. Have a great weekend.

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12 thoughts on “Power Couple

  1. Katrina,
    I loved your post. I, too, am blessed to be part of a “power couple.” Now, to the garden to get those peas planted…


    • Katrina

      Ah, the Saturday ‘power’ moves. I too will be planting something before the day is over. Last week we tilled and cleared. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh my gosh, you had me at the photo!! But, what followed was provocative and so meaningful for me. I have the most wonderful relationship imaginable, because we respectfully support each other’s highest potential and do not fall into the trap of possessive or controlling thoughts or habits. As a result, what we are each able to give and be in the world is supported rather than drained. Our individual personal power is reflected back rather than siphoned off. I’ve been through countless “powerless” relationships; what a difference mutual respect and honoring makes! Sounds like you and Will most certainly are a “power” couple, too!

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I’m glad to see more true power couples out there and working toward a better world.

  3. This is a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C post!

  4. Love the picture too and totally agree with you.

  5. Love this! The picture is so cute and out of the box. Awesome post.

  6. Great post and makes me think about the term “power couple.” For me, I tend to ignore couples like that, so in essence, I deny them my own power. However, these kinds of couples usually do assert influence: influence of people, the way they see them, the way the media covers them, etc. If influence is a contributing factor to power, then I can see the aptness of the term. However, the power couples I prefer to give energy and awareness to are people like yourself, creatively using your life as a way to bring about learning and fun in all of us.

  7. I am in transition pertaining to this discussion, but I enjoyed reading the article and yes indeed, the photo is provocative, if not endearing. Wish the rest of the world was as simple as that image.

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