How Deep Are Men Really?

I’ve heard more than one male comedian joke about how simple and basic a man’s needs really are. However, I’m not so sure. Since I was extremely close to my grandfather, father, and brother, and I have 4 nephews, and a grandson plus there’s William, I have quite a bit of experience with men from infancy through adulthood. Truthfully, its been my experience they are just as deep, perhaps deeper in some situations as women, they just express it differently.

Biologically men have hormones which were originally intended to make them great hunters, providers and protectors. Basic human culture has evolved and two things have happened; men no longer use the male hormones in the circumstances for which they were intended millions of years ago, and women are now as responsible for the hunting, providing and protecting.

But the level of these male hormones has not decreased. Men now have urges which don’t fit well with our day to day culture. Which leaves them in a quandary. Most men hide these feelings, urges and desires or find other outlets for them. My brother is an obsessive compulsive about everything. Which is great for his wife because they have 7 kids and my brother cleans, cooks and nurtures the kids as much as his wife.  A clean house, healthy meals and happy children are important to him. Many men wouldn’t admit they care about such things.William works on landscaping the yard as much as I do. He helps me plan how it will look, making sure we get the right supplies and actually doing the work, including caring for the plants and flowers over the summer months. This may not seem ‘manly’ but trust me, William is very “male” in every respect.

The bottom line is, men are just as deep and complex as women, they just express it in very different ways. Knowing this, isn’t going to make getting along with each other much easier. Yet, hopefully it will make all of us more understanding of the deeper emotions we all deal with everyday.

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3 thoughts on “How Deep Are Men Really?

  1. I always like to say: “insults are the language of intimacy between men.”

  2. K…I agree! Men are indeed as complex as women. No doubt about it!

  3. I agree 🙂

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