Lack of Faith

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about our interconnectedness with all other people and energy beings in the Universe and the Universe itself. Our energies are connected to other energies and our energies have a direct impact on these other energies. If I see you, I know you exist, I know what you look like, smell like, sound like, I may even know what you feel like. It takes no faith to believe in you since I can see you.

However, there are many beings in the Universe (angels, guardian spirits, spirit guides, God, Goddess, Jesus, Saints) and many more. Most of the time, we either can’t or just don’t see them. Yet they are there.  So truly believing in them takes faith. Faith is not belief without prove, it is trust without reservation.

So, I’m wondering, how our faith affects the spirits and energy bodies we can’t see with our eyes? Do we add and/or subtract from their strength and power by the belief we send them? Every part of us is energy, from the physical to the mental/emotional to the spiritual. I’m sure this must include how and what we believe. So if we truly believe in a deep, heart felt way, then we are sending out an energy vibration which connects to and supports what we believe.

The other side of this must mean when we doubt, fear and question the existence or even the intentions of the spirits and other energy bodies, does this not at least sadden or possible weaken them? What if our doubts, fears and questions are even making them ill? Are we harming the Universal consciousness by not believing, trusting and loving the other energy bodies in existence, whether we can see them or not?

I personally don’t want to be responsible for saddening, weakening or possibly causing illness to another energy body or spirit. This revelation has given me reason to pause and reconsider my entire belief system and how it affects others.

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9 thoughts on “Lack of Faith

  1. I don’t think we’re harming those in other dimensions, but we are certainly harming ourselves and contributing to the doubts and fears of the collective consciousness of this dimension…I do agree with you, Katrina that faith is another word for trust!

  2. Really interesting questions, Katrina. I wonder if all of those negative perceptions are illusions, anyway? Can illusions harm reality? On the basis of our limited perception faculties, we might say, yes, indeed they can. But, I, personally, have faith that reality- source, love, angels, energy, etc.- cannot be diminished by illusion any more than darkness can smote the light of a candle’s flame.

  3. Another great post…I really enjoy your blog. 🙂

  4. Awesome post Katrina.

  5. Very interesting thoughts and it does make sense. Everything works together, I am not sure we weaken other energies – especially the supernatural one’s, but I am sure we affect them, after all they sense our moods, protect and guide.

  6. Great post!! Thank you !!!

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