The Maternal Bond

I’ve not been myself lately, a bit under the weather mentally, physically and spiritually. Basically feeling like I’m walking around with my own personal dark cloud. Which really isn’t me at all, I’m usually an optimist. So, these past few weeks have concerned me.

So, allow me to digress for a couple paragraphs. My daughter and I have had a unique psychic connection since she was still in the womb. She communicated with me often through dreams and visions while I was pregnant with her. After she was born, I always understood her faces, gestures and sounds. As she grew the bond between us developed as well.

When she was about 4, I was home and she was at preschool. The class had been taken to the swimming pool across the street. On the way back my daughter fell in the street, as she was getting up, she saw a car coming down the street toward her. The teacher grabbed her and carried her to the sidewalk. But my daughter was crying…’mommy, mommy, mommy.’ That same afternoon I heard my daughter’s voice calling me. I heard it so plainly, I began searching the house, thinking she was home. I even went so far as to look in the driveway for a vehicle of someone I recognized thinking someone had brought my daughter home. Of course, she wasn’t there. Later when I picked her up at preschool the teacher told me about the incident, so I asked what time this all happened, and was told it was approximately the same time I heard her voice calling for me.

There have been other incidents over the years and I’ve learned when it happens to call and ask her what’s going on. And I know I have channeled her emotions on many occasions. But I still assume all off balance feelings are all about me. On Monday of this week I was so physically sick I thought I had the flu. But not being one to give in to physical maladies, I went about my day as usual. During lunch I exchanged several text messages with my daughter. And I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, she described every one of my symptoms exactly.  Yesterday during lunch we also conversed and she went into greater detail about her feelings. Today, I still feel off, but now that I know I’m channeling my daughter’s feelings, I’m doing a better job of separating which emotions are hers and which are mine. So hopefully by the weekend I’ll feel better and then be better able to help her through her darkness.

Motherhood really is a life long commitment.

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14 thoughts on “The Maternal Bond

  1. I have experienced similar things with people that I love. For a long time it was disconcerting because I didn’t know myself well enough to discern where these bizarre mood changes were coming from. As a teenager I remember feeling like I had no control of my emotions at all … I now know that I was simply an emotionally empathic sponge (lol). It really is amazing how interconnected we are. I recently had an experience where I was in Boston and a friend on the West Coast was going through some things … I had a very clear emotional experience (i.e. something that was clearly not my own emotions at the time), and I felt that it was a certain person’s energy, so I checked my e-mails. Sure enough … an emotional e-mail had been sent just minutes prior, by the exact person I had felt the energy from … all the way across the country. There are SO many things that we have no clue about in terms of what we as humans are capable.

    Of course, I am sure that the bond between a mother and daughter is one that cannot be duplicated. That must make it even more intense!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve had slightly similar experiences – knowing when someone was thinking of me or needed some help – but nothing that strong. I’m kinda envious 🙂

    • Katrina

      Don’t be, its great when their little, but m daughter is 27, and channeling her dark feelings right now is hard, plus I have to cope with knowing she’s going through this, its a double whammy.

      • Yeah, I can imagine that would be rough… but again… that’s something I’ve wished I could do for friends and family… help to take away their pain…

  3. Wow, this is truthfully so cool! I’ve had similar connections with certain people I love throughout my life, but nothing quite this strong. You’ve got something special with that daughter of yours, Katrina! 🙂

  4. That happens here too, with two of my children.

    • Katrina

      Its great in some ways, but always intense on us as the mom.

      • Yes, but I worry less, because I can always feel the connection and know they are OK.

  5. That is so beautiful!!! I love it when i can feel connected to the people I love!!

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  7. Yes it is, and I do this with other people besides my daughters too. It’s hard sometimes because there have been moments when it was a matter of going down a list to see who it was. The last 3 weeks have been brutal to me. I hope you will be feeling more like yourself very quivkly. Have a great mothers day tomorrow.

    • Katrina

      Thank you, I’m getting better and I hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

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