Do You Love Being a Mother?

I love and honor all the women in my life who have nurtured and cared for me, including the woman who gave birth to me. But, I’m a mom too and a grandmom! I have given birth and I’ve seen my baby give birth.

So today while we are all paying homage to the ‘mothers’ in our lives, I invite all the moms to toot their own horn, brag, whine, moan and otherwise express their feelings about being a mom!

For me, I recall the day I found out I was pregnant, I was so happy I cried. I was literally floating on clouds I was so excited. During the following 9 1/2 months (she was more than 2 weeks late and has never been on time for anything, ever) I felt fantastic. I had almost no morning sickness, I had energy to spare and zero, zip, absolutely no mood swings, I was happy all the time. In fact 2 weeks before my due date the doctor put me on bed rest because he said I was making the baby tired. Not knowing she had no intention of being on time, there I lay for 4 weeks, plenty of energy, bored, restless and impatient. When I finally went into labor everything went south. My cervix didn’t dilate at all, I was in full labor, they could see the top of her head and couldn’t get her out. Her heart rate began dropping during contractions so after 6 hours I had an emergency C-Section. I was knocked out so I didn’t hear her first cries, and wasn’t able to be the first touch she felt. It was almost 4 hours before I could hold her. But I’ve not let her go since.

When she was small I made time every day for just the two of us. I called it cuddle time and it was our time, to read, watch a movie or just talk. When she was about 5, we found out her eye sight was very bad and we had to get special glasses for her (she still wears special contacts). She would look up at me with those huge blue eyes through those glasses and to me she was the epitome of beauty and grace. My heart melted every time she smiled. She has always been petite (5’1 right now), beautiful skin, and teeth. The day she got married she looked like a fairy princess. Her blonde hair was cut in a Marilyn Monroe bob, and she wore a tiara instead of a veil, the dress was covered in sequins and pearls and her bouquet was blue flowers. They were married by a lake in the late afternoon as the sun set on the water.

When my grandson was born, I stood beside her and her husband watching my child go through a really hard labor. Her pregnancy was nothing like mine. She had morning sickness everyday, she joked that she had two breakfasts, one she gave back and one she kept. Her delivery was long and hard. Being so petite, his head was stuck for several minutes and then when he popped out, he looked like a Klingon, his dad looked at me in shock and said “his head isn’t going to stay like that is it?” And no, it didn’t, he’s beautiful. And the second love of my life. I might not have heard my daughter’s first cries, but I heard my grandson’s, and after his mother held him for a few moments, I was given the honor of holding him next.

I remember sitting outside under the stars explaining to him which ones were stars and which ones were actually planets, I remember when he told me he wanted to ‘touch the moon’, I recall teaching him to blow bubbles with his bubble gum, and and the day he looked at me and called me ‘Nonnie.” Not what I thought I would be called, but if this is what he wants to call me, then so be it. I actually bought a Spiderman costume and paid a young man to wear it for Bubby’s third and fourth birthdays. He almost peed his pants the first year when we arrived at his party and was greeted by his hero, Spiderman. The second year he said he didn’t care about presents as long as Spiderman was there to eat cake with him.

Do I love being a mom and a Nonnie? absolutely! For me, I don’t need a day to acknowledge being a mom and a Nonnie, because everyday I’m honored to love and be loved by these two amazing people.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Love Being a Mother?

  1. Simply beautiful!

  2. I could feel your ABSOLUTE! Let me share with you, your joy on Mother’s Day. Love & Light…Eternity

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I just spent an hour with them on Skype, it was great

  3. Very Beautiful!

  4. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I remember every pregnancy and birth of all four of my children. Natural all the way with all labors under 4 hours (2 were actually under 2 hours from beginning to end). I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I was there for my grand-daughter’s birth and there were major problems there. I almost lost my daughter due to her hemorrhaging. Everyone is fine now, thank the heavens, and my grand-daughter will turn 4 in July. Sometimes I wish I could just be pregnant again because I loved it so much. Beautiful post and tribute. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Katrina

      My daughter had extra complications due to hemorrhaging (it just fit the theme of the post) Happy Mother Day

  5. wonderful!!

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