Obsessing Over Enlightenment

Do you obsess over enlightenment, raising your vibration and healing your soul? I’ve been guilty of this more than once in my life. However, as I age I find myself reaching that place where I’m so sore and exhausted mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically that I catch myself saying, ‘enough, I need to just let it be for awhile.’

This past weekend I was reading a post from Make Believe Boutique titled ‘the threshold between regret & soul light’. In the post she quoted John O’Donahoe. Two sentences resonated with me deeply. The first; ‘soul light found in the old crevices of living in the bones.’  When working the soreness out of our souls, those places where we examine old traumas and work at releasing them – knowing when we finally make peace with them then they will no longer have a hold on us. We dive deep looking for where light of our souls shine through the crevices of ‘old bones.’  However, allowing the old bones of trauma too much attention only gives them power, dead power, power that will ultimately keep us dead with them. I admit we need to make peace with the old bones, but then we must bury, then release them. Too much grief is not healthy.

For the real goal is freedom from the trauma. You will never completely forget it, yet making peace with it dis empowers it. We cannot undo the past, we might never reach a place where the dead bones are gone from our souls, but true enlightenment, actually raising your vibration and really healing your soul is when you leave the dead bones buried and accept that ‘part of the wisdom of spiritual soulful self presence is to be able to let certain parts of your life alone.” Leave the past in the past, you are no longer that person and those old wounds are just old bones.

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10 thoughts on “Obsessing Over Enlightenment

  1. Great post, Katrina. I so agree…

  2. Love this post…so true and well written. Thank you!

  3. Its almost as though I was meant to read this post today, thank you.

  4. very interesting post, thank you

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