Each of us has our own emotional definition of the word ‘home.’  For me its the place where I am safe, secure, and able to be myself completely. I’ve lived in numerous houses over the years, I remember in my mid twenties moving five times in four years. When my brother was helping me move that fifth time he told me, ‘the next time you move, I’m out of town that year.” Lucky for him I ended up living in that particular house for sixteen years.  Every place I’ve lived has held a certain element of home for me. The house I live in now with William is home. However, my thinking on this subject is really not so much about physical structures. Its more about emotional security. Growing up, no one moved. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all lived in the same houses so all my memories are based in very specific ways. So too, is my definition of home.

For me the total definition of home is the security of my childhood. I do not often speak much of my childhood because it was so wonderful and I know I am the exception, not the rule. I wish every person could have the childhood I had. However, I know this is not the reality we live in. So for all of you with a less than perfect childhood, please bear with me through the rest of the post.

As some of you have noticed I’ve not posted regularly for the past couple weeks. Well, life has been getting in the way and I’ve had to retreat a little to deal with life while not losing my center of balance. However, my higher self and my spirit guides have shown me through dreams and visions that apparently I’ve not done as good a job as I thought at staying balanced. All the visions and dreams have the theme of the level of trust I have in myself and that I’ve not always completely trusted myself as my own base of security.

The good news is, I’m recovering quickly and should be back in full swing during the coming week. For you see, last night, I came home. During the night I traveled many miles, arriving to my home state of West Virginia. When I pulled in they were in the middle of a snow and ice storm. There was no where to dock my boat because all the rivers and lakes were frozen. So, I left it on the trailer at the marina hitching a ride with an old friend to the bottom of the hill where I grew up. Walking up the hill the ice began melting and the flowers were poking up through the snow. The trees were starting to bud, and I touched each one saying to myself over and over again, “I’m home, I’m home.”  My old neighbors all met me as I walked past each house. My mom was waiting for me at the end of the street. As we walked toward the house I grew up in, she and I joked about a couple of the neighbors. Walking in the front door, there was a fire in the fireplace, and my dog was so excited to see me. I lay on the floor cuddling with him while my mom went to the kitchen to finish the meal she was preparing.

As the old saying goes, ‘there’s no place like home.’


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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. home is where the heart is, home is being in your body, home is peace of mind –

    i would say it seems you are integrating more and more of the so many levels we all have that can make us more and more “at home”

    thank you so much for sharing this with us 😉 best wishes 😉

  2. Very nice night trip Katrina. I am glad you enjoyed it. I bet your dog did too. Wouldn’t that be something?

  3. Warriors and Goddesses

    I had a wonderful childhood and upbringing too, my parents are still together after 36 years and I am incredibly close to both of them. I feel guilty about sharing this as you appeared to, as like you say it’s an exception to the rule. A sad reality isn’t it.

    • Katrina

      It is very sad that we are an exception and its even sadder that we feel guilty revealing that we had a happy childhood, I was in my early 20s before I realized how few children really do have a happy childhood, and it’s bothered me for the last 30 years. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one. Have a great holiday weekend.

  4. I have the same definition of home. It’s where i can feel secure and peaceful. Home is now in my computer screen as I can’t find peace elsewhere.

  5. sobnyc

    HI Katrina.

    This line in your post:””””As some of you have noticed I’ve not posted regularly for the past couple weeks. Well, life has been getting in the way and I’ve had to retreat a little to deal with life while not losing my center of balance.”””

    Is best summed up by John Lennon who said; “” Life is what happens to you
    While you’re busy making other plans”””””


    I thought you might like this.

    great post


  6. You made some nice points there. I looked on the internet for the subject and found most guys will agree with your blog.

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