A Horse

I rarely post three times in one day but I’m feeling inspired.

I love horses, I’ve always loved them and I’m very comfortable with them. As a child I would spend lazy afternoons fully reclined on the back of one of our horses as he grazed in the meadow on my grandparents’ farm. It was peaceful, serene and calming. I sometimes even fell asleep from his gentle breathing and slow movements.

There’s something noble about horses. They see into your soul yet never judge.  Many societies including Celts, Native Americans, Hindus, Buddhists and Greco-Romans, to name a few, assign the attributes of power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom to the horse. Some ancients believed horses were the bringers of life and death, because they carried souls between the spirit world and the material world.

For me, a horse is freedom. When you’re riding, your body is only connected to the horse. All your cares, concerns and worries are left on the ground while the horse takes you off for relief, relaxation and if you trust him enough, even some fantasy.

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12 thoughts on “A Horse

  1. Who is on that horse? Is that you? 🙂 Gosh! So cute.

  2. I LOVE THIS!! It’s so funny reading these words because I feel the exact same way. I was just telling my husband how much I love and miss riding and want that joy for our kids. I think I may have to reblog this. Pure magic. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Momentum of Joy and commented:
    I love this and can completely understand every feeling Katrina discusses. Magical!

  4. Thank you Katrina, for such a loveable post! I enjoyed it tremendously!

  5. I love this. It reminds me of the days during my childhood when I took riding lessons. I loved it until I reached a point where I fell off the horse more often than I was staying on.

  6. Love this post Katrina.

  7. write as many posts as move you 😉

    and what a great photo to go with the write-up, thanks!

  8. Warriors and Goddesses

    oh I love horses too but I am so intimidated by them. They are such grand creatures. Great post.

  9. Beautiful…makes me want to giddy-up 🙂

  10. I grew up with horses as well and miss their calming energy. Such beautiful, fantastic creatures that can teach us a lot about ourselves and our world.

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