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Glorious Green

Okay, before I get into the virtues of green, I want to say the blog make over is not forever, I’ve just been feeling “my oats”, so to speak. So, if you like (or even love) it, great! If you don’t really care for it, no worries, I’ll be changing it again before long.

Now, for glorious green…The only negative connotation I could find for green was the association of jealousy and the “green eyed monster”. Otherwise, green is usually associated with spring, new growth, and healing. There’s even a song which says “the green, green grass of home”. Its obvious when looking at plants and trees how healthy and happy they are by how vivid the green. So, how can green affect us?

Most metaphysical healing modalities associate green with the heart chakra. When you first consider this, it may seem a little odd, considering we usually think of hearts as red, pink, or maybe even mauve. But where else would the most healing be needed in our energy fields, but around the heart and the energetic role it plays for us? Our hearts give, take, send out and receive, every emotion known to life in the Universe.  Sometimes these emotions are positive and sometimes; not so much. Plus, even the positive emotions can be overwhelming and tire us, so even if we’re not thinking or feeling in terms of “healing”, our hearts may need resting and recharging. If you can find the shade(s) of green which really resonates with you, then it may be just what a tired over worked heart needs to comfort and restore it to its vibrant best.

Or maybe, your physical body needs healing in some way, even medical doctors, dieticians and nutritionists tell us we need to eat green things; veggies, fruits, etc. in all the green shades are supposed to be super healthy. Or perhaps all you need is  a nice comfy green robe or lounging outfit, or even just sitting outdoors with the grass, trees, and flowers, allowing the green to radiate its healing energies to you. Nature understands balance, rest, and when growth is required. Allow the greens in nature to help you with whatever you’re dealing with or wherever you need support.

Happy weekend everyone.


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Blue Tones

Ah, the color blue, it soothes, it bathes the senses and brings balance to other colors in a way only blue can. We know from grade school science that all colors are visible because of the light spectrum. But blue plays the scales of the spectrum in its own unique way.  The beautiful blue oceans do not truly contain blue water, blue is filtering the light so as to make the water appear blue. Our skies are not really blue, but appear that way because blue filters the sun’s rays while pulling the blackness of space into the light of our atmosphere thus creating the blue we see above us.

Some years ago I remember reading in a fashion magazine that blue was the new black. Based upon the perspective of the fashion world, this meant that blue (like black) could be worn with almost anything and would complement the outfit appropriately.

If blue resonates with you, it is probably due to blue’s calming effects which draw you out of your inner turmoil and lower vibrations to relax you thereby allowing the layers of color present in all blues to begin the healing process. All shades of blue have their own unique vibrations which are appropriately raised to allow your healing to start. This is true, even of the darker shades of blue. Depending on your feelings about the color blue, a darker shade may raise your vibrations. And, a higher vibration does not necessarily mean faster, it merely means lighter and easier to carry. Many higher vibrations are slow and rhythmic, which is why they feel more peaceful. The lighter, slower vibrations calm your inner core and dispel the lower, heavier vibrations which weigh you down, hold you back and prevent your deeper healing.

If you are drawn to the color blue allow it to help you find your inner peace and observe your inner places to determine where blue will be most helpful in your healing.

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The Lady (or man) in Red

Red is one of the colors that crosses over into other colors. You need red to make pink, orange, purple, even the infamous black. And just like its counter part, black, red often gets a bad rap. It is associated with seduction, sin, even demons and the devil himself.

Which would lead you to wonder why almost all healing modalities associate red with the base chakra. Especially when you understand that the root chakra is the ‘base’ of your survival instincts, connection to the earth, and your ancestry.  This is also where your connection to other life forms originates.

There are as many shades of red as you can conjure in your imagination and each shade will be unique to the individual. So, as with black, I think you must first look at what red means to an individual person. Many people are starting to associate red with power and being in control. Red can be seductive, and seduction in the appropriate context is healthy. Red can be a symbol of prowess and inner strength, which if used wisely can benefit not only the individual but others the person interacts with. Red often symbolizes romance, think of deep velvety red roses. Red is also associated with Christmas, yes Christmas. Think of your sweet, innocent child and how she melts your heart and the hearts of others, in her red Christmas dress with all the frilly lace, or your son, in the cute little suit, and the red vest and/or matching tie.

Red and black are two of the strongest colors and have some of the most intense emotions attached to them. To truly appreciate the color red, you must dig deep and find the origins of your individual emotions which red stirs in you.  These are your feelings, and neither good nor bad, just like the color, your feelings are what they are for you.

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Colors are like scents. They evoke for us some latent memory with often happy, comforting, or inspiring emotions attached. Often we are not immediately consciously aware of the underlying emotions stirring in us when we see colors which resonate with us. We tend to just get lost in the beauty of the hues.

Most of us have a favorite color even when we admittedly like all colors. There is usually a color that resonates with some part of you. William is drawn to the burnt, spicey orange shades, I am usually drawn to the richer purple hues. But if you asked us, we would probably both say we like all colors.

For the next few days I’m going to be exploring colors for a couple different reasons. Today, I’m starting with black. When seen in a person’s aura or chakras, many healers might tell you this is a negative spirit, illness or emotional imbalance. I’m not so sure. Black is the presence of all colors. So, before jumping to any conclusion over sensing a dark color in a person, I think we should first explore how the person perceives this color.

For me, I associate black with elegance. The black tie affair, the little black dress, the simple, basic goes with everything color. I have a picture of an extremely rare black lion. A male, with full mane and silky, shiny fur. When I came across this picture the first word which came to mind was majestic.

The Native American culture associates the four directions with four colors, north is white, east is yellow, south is red and west is black. They believe all people fall into these four categories. People come from only the north, south, east or west and all fall into one of these color ranges, white skin, red skin, yellow skin or black skin. Every one evolves from these four categories.

Black is a dominate cultural color. In viewing black from this perspective there is no negative connotation. It simply is what it is.  Black, like everything in our world should be judged in context.


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Inspiration comes in many forms. One thing that inspires me is when readers appreciate my blog, especially when those readers have blogs of their own.  So, here are my most recent awards:

Elisa Cashiola has honored me with the

Please check out her blog, its wonderful and she gives great advice.

There are 7 questions to answer, so I’ll make this short and sweet

My favorite number is 4, it comes up and seems to have meaning to many things in my life

I love coffee, drink it every day in many ways

Favorite animal(s) I don’t have just one, I love and honor all animals, but my heart melts for wolves, horses and big cats

I use Facebook and Twitter both, but Facebook more

I’m passionate about saving the earth, the environment, not only endangered species, but all life forms so nothing is ever in danger of being extinct. I believe endangered lists shouldn’t be necessary

Saturday morning early is my most favorite time of the week. I’m fully into my weekend but there is still most of it to be enjoyed.

Favorite flower? again, I don’t have just one, I love all flowers, but I see a simplistic elegance in tulips and cala lillies

And my second award, jmgoyder has bestowed the upon me. Please check out this blog, it’s amazing and always enjoyable. Now, because of this award, my blog will be getting a face lift in the next couple of days with a new theme “Taking the guts out of fear.”

Thank you both for these great awards, I’m truly honored and humbled by your kindness.

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We are all responsible for ourselves to some degree. Even babies in the womb have a innate responsibility to grow, develop and become ready for birth. Responsibility for ourselves changes and evolves as we mature. However, how much responsibility do we have for other people? Parents are responsible for their children, we’re responsible for our pets, etc. I also believe we are responsible for those less fortunate. Finally, I believe there are eternal parents in this world and there are eternal children.  Your intelligence, age, socio-economic status, nor gender have anything to do with which role you assume.  Some people just don’t function well without another person at least giving moral support, advice or even concrete help. While there are those people who do pretty much everything for themselves, while also taking care of others and seeming to basically run the world.

But when have we crossed the line from helping someone who truly needs us over into that territory where we are either preventing them from evolving or enabling a negative behavior…or both?

This is a tough question, it comes up in my own life frequently. I’m one of the eternal parents of the world. My family, friends, all just seem to know this without there ever being any conversation about it. I’m good at it, I’ve been told that I really “have the mommy role down to an art form”, and one of my mother’s friends once said that if she reincarnated she wanted to come back as one of my pets.

I think the true issue is, its easier to take care of others, fix their problems, and make their lives less stressful, because, then I don’t have to watch them struggle or suffer. I think that’s why all the eternal parents of the world, (and most of you know who you are) do it, we’re all trying to alleviate as much suffering in the world as possible.

But at the end of the day, are we really helping, or are we hindering the growth and maturation of others?

Tough question.

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The Power of Words

Words have power, immense power. We all will do well to guard the words of our hearts.  My mother thinks I have the gift of prophecy. Sometimes I say something random and it happens and usually very quickly. I just let the thoughts of my brain wander where they will and wait to see what happens.

So, for two nights there was an extremely loud cricket singing all night. I noticed but didn’t really give it much thought. Crickets are considered very lucky and are otherwise harmless. However, William is a very light sleeper. On Friday morning he mentioned the cricket and how it kept him awake. So before I left for work I decided to find which window the cricket was serenading us through. After searching for the origin of the sound, I found him, in my bathroom, well hidden, but crooning loudly. Not concerned, I left him (her?) alone and went to work.

Yesterday evening, before bed, I told William I found the cricket,(s)he is in my bathroom. So, William goes in my bathroom and starts looking around, we can hear the melodious serenade but can’t find the crooner who is still well hidden.  William heads off to bed and I say…”I’m going to take a shower…with the cricket, I’ll be to bed in a few minutes.”

Anybody want to guess what happened next???

As I crawled into bed I inform William, “I found the cricket, its outside now. Happy, healthy and free to serenade us through the windows.”

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Something from Nothing

I recently watched an interview with author, Lawrence Krauss. His book “A Universe from Nothing” is causing a stir for many who reject the Big Bang Theory. What grabbed my attention was his theory that there can be “nothing” and then suddenly be “something”. So today I read excerpts from the book and while I don’t agree with his philosophy, he makes some valid points in favor of the spiritual principle that we create our world with our thoughts. And I’m sure from the interview and the book, he had no intention of endorsing anything spiritual.

This post is really not about his theories but more about my ideas after considering his theories. He is obviously an extremely intelligent person and I learned quite a bit of sound scientific knowledge from the excerpts I read. But what I do best is find the spiritual component in any theory.

I have really meditated on the concept from both a spiritual and scientific perspective and I’m beginning to see (feel) that perhaps we create not just with thoughts but with a combination of thoughts and feelings together, which when they combine produce an energy unique to the combination and to the individual who created the combination. This may also be true of plants, animals, water, earth and energies in space. Combining consciousness and feeling to produce creative energy thereby making something from nothing.

When learning the law of attraction, we not only hold the image but direct ourselves into the image to create the feelings we want to attract. Life is not a picture or even a video, life is about feeling. Would conscious thought really exist without a feeling supporting the thought? Right now, while writing this post, I feel the breeze coming through the window, I feel the water I’m drinking, and I’m feeling my emotions of calm, peace and wonderment at the ideas flooding through me. The thoughts are creating wonder, or is it the other way around and the sensation of wonder is creating the thoughts? Can they be separated or are they dependent upon each other to exist?

I’m not trying to solve any mystery, I’m merely putting the ideas out there for all of you to ponder along with me and perhaps experiment with as we continue to create our world.

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Exploring the World

This is for the people who crave the positive drama. The euphoric highs of non-stop excitement. I’m an adrenalin junkie, I love the rush of anything that takes me to the edge then brings me back semi-safely and I know there are many others out there just like me.  But is it really good for us? And what does this say about our fragile psychological inner workings?  What makes us crave the adrenalin rush, the excitement of going too fast, too high, too far, too deep?

When we dare to explore the controlled dangers we’re putting things into perspective. We are stepping outside our comfort zone and stretching our safe place limits. Why? I think I speak for many of you, when I say, there’s a freedom involved, a proving that we can escape the mundane and ordinary. That we can explore the areas outside of our comfort zones and still be safe. And once you step beyond your perceived boundaries and learn to feel safe, then your comfort zone becomes bigger. Each time you move beyond a perceived boundary and enlarge your comfort zone the world opens up a bit, the world is less scary, less intimidating, and you realize you’re more in control than you thought. You learn, grow and mature when you accept that life is as big (or small) as you choose for it to be.

If you spend too much time being afraid of dying, soon you’ll become afraid of living. Whether its excitement or anxiety is all a matter of perspective.

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Side Effects of Healing

Listen to any commercial on any network and you’ll hear any number of advertisements for medications. The thing that bothers me is the side effect of these meds are usually worse than the malady they’re used to treat. For the most part, I’d rather not take the meds.

What about emotional, spiritual and energy healing? What are the consequences of energetic healing? Anytime thought processes, feelings, behaviors or energy vibration in general change there is an overall change in the aura around you. This affects everyone who comes in contact with you.  You have disrupted the energy frequency in your aura and others will feel it. They may consciously be thinking they like the change in attitude, behavior etc., but there are subtle vibratory changes they may not be consciously aware of, but still feeling.

In healing there is that euphoric moment when you realize, “Hey, I feel better.” But then you have to adjust to the new and improved you. This is not a big deal for you, because you know what is going on inside for the most part.  But the people around you may be wondering what’s up. Also, when you healed, you changed your perception of other people and their energy. You are now interacting with and communicating with others in a new way. The change in your energy is causing you to interpret and react differently to other people’s energy.  You may think you are sensing a change in someone close to you, when in fact, you are the one who changed and what you’re really sensing is the change in your own perception of this person, they’ve not changed a bit, but you have.

Any time healing occurs it’s a good thing. Just keep in mind that as your vibration and frequency line up with your healed state, everyone around you is having to become comfortable with the change and your own perceptions are also needing time to re-aline.

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