Or put another way, being real. I’ve been thinking lately about famous people I admire and why I admire them. What one thing do each of them have in common and this morning it hit me. They were authentic. They were never hesitant to be themselves. They didn’t let opinions, rumors, news stories, or societal norms keep them from being themselves. And guess what, they are all famous and mostly fondly remembered. I think there is a lesson there, a big lesson.

So, in case you’re wondering, here are my top four favorites, in no special order.



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12 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche)

    Beautiful message. Inspiring, Katrina.
    Love the quotes too, they breathe.

  2. Yay! Love this, especially the quotes. 🙂

  3. Like you,I admire people who are genuine. People who are open about life they live. People without mask. Unfortunately they have become rarity.

  4. I smiled and nodded when I read the quotations and what you wrote because its all so true!
    Thanks you katrina for another inspiring post.

  5. such an interesting and, i feel, great selection to choose from 😉 thanks katrina

    i found marilyn’s the most surprising, and on target

    and her words can fit any gender! 😉

    thanks again

  6. Brilliant words.
    Love Mae and Monroe…wise wise females

  7. I seem to be a ‘follower’ of your blog but am not getting the email notifications – any suggestions?

    • Katrina

      I’m not sure how to set that up, try contacting the wordpress geeks, they are usually helpful and fast, sorry I wasn’t more help

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