Music Passion-Flowers

Many thanks to all who liked my May music passion post, Moon Shadow. Now for June, I’m a paradox, I’m strong, confident and usually fearless, yet I’m also very much a GIRL, yes with capitol letters, having said that, I love flowers, all flowers, so the Music Passion theme for June is flowers (just click on Music Passion and you’ll find the guidelines for playing). Any flowers, all flowers. I researched this and found there are many, many songs with a flower or just flowers in general in the title, but there seems to be more songs for roses than any other flower. So here’s the deal, there can be many songs with Rose in the title, you just cannot use the same song someone else has used. However, fyi, there are plenty of other ‘flower’ songs out there.

So to get us started, here is my June flower song, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, by Poison.

They’re a mostly hard rock band, but every musician is an artist at heart and the members of Poison are no different. This particular song was they’re only No. 1 hit single. The song came out in 1988 and was written by lead singer, Bret Michaels. He was inspired to write the song after breaking up with his then girlfriend. The meaning of the song is basically that the ‘Rose” was his blossoming music career and the ‘Thorn’ was how success had damaged his personal relationships.

I invite everyone not already playing to come join us in the Music Passion game. Its lots of fun and gets us all connecting to each other through the Universal language of music. Happy weekend!!

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23 thoughts on “Music Passion-Flowers

  1. Wow, this is lovely… for sure we will all have fun… thanks Katrina 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on allaboutlemon and commented:
    Okay guys, our Music Passion-June Edition Tagger Katrina of Freedom To A Full Life says, she loves Flowers…
    That’s right our theme is all about Flowers.
    So let’s go and find our song 🙂

  3. I love this idea! You know my blog has been obsessed with flowers lately! I’m thinking about hopping on.

  4. Hello dear Katrina, I cannot embed this video you selected in Music Passion page however I put your link in it and I added one I found at You Tube by Poison too via Live video…I hope it’s okay with you… You can check it out 🙂 Thanks!
    Sincerely, Dolly

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