Studying. Funny, but 40 years ago this was a boring dreaded word. Now, I love it. I especially love when my beautiful, intelligent daughter sends me e-mails or text messages to pick my brain and learn from me.  I love it when she does this for all the obvious reasons; sharing, caring, just spending time with her because I love her, etc. But when she picks my brain she always has a reason and her questions are never easy to answer. Her questions make me think, and even though she queries me on subjects I’m schooled in, I usually have to do some research to really give her the answers she’s looking for.

So, I thought I’d share a few of her most recent questions. Our debate started on Sunday when she asked me how epilepsy could be in the Bible when epilepsy as we know it has been around for less than 100 years. This part was easy as it all relates to translations and how our current translations of the Bible have evolved over the last 2000 years or so. But then we started discussing different religious denominations and practices, how they’ve evolved and more specifically the ones with legends surrounding their practices, for example the Catholic exorcisms and Kabbalistic Tarot.

The foundations of our debates are always to learn from bouncing ideas off each other and sharing what we each know or at least think about the subjects. Then we research, share what we’ve found, then fall back, meditate on our newly evolved knowledge and then jump in again querying each other with the what ifs, whys and why nots.

The result is we never stop learning, growing and developing our minds, emotions and most importantly our Spirits. For she and I believe true Spiritual development and evolution is brought about by the constant search for knowledge, always having an open mind,and most importantly, always having an open heart and spirit. For what the heart learns, the Spirit retains forever.

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