Now for Some Happier Reading

Over the past weeks (I apologize, I’ve been amiss in my blog responsibilities), I have been nominated for several Awards.

First I want to thank  Karmic Diva for the following:


Many thanks to The Joy Level for the

And finally love and appreciation to Spilled Cookies for the

I am so touched that each of you thought of me when paying forward the honors these awards represent. I am lucky to know each of you and to be able to share in the warmth, knowledge and love that you each convey to others in your blogs.

Now, each award has different guidelines, but the basics are to share some interesting facts about myself and then extend the awards to others. So, some new info on me:

I was born during a full moon in the sun sign of Leo…meditate on the astrological implications of that.

My muse and only pet is a Siamese fighting fish named Samson.

I love feng shui and use it in my home, car, office, garden, even with my clothing choices.

I have a soft spot for all animals and all children, I will defend their honor no matter what.

I go barefoot whenever possible (and safe), I love the feel of the floor, ground, earth touching my feet.

Okay, now to nominate some fellow bloggers. I follow some awesome bloggers and wish for each of you to meet them if you haven’t already, so, all these awards go to the following blogs:

jmgoyderhonoryourspirit, In My Opinion,,,

Have a great weekend everyone.


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5 thoughts on “Now for Some Happier Reading

  1. Thank you Katrina for the awards. One of the things I enjoy about the awards is finding other blogs. I will definitely check out your other nominees. And on another note…You think your natal chart is a challenge, I was born with Sun, Moon and three planets in Scorpio! Wasn’t easy being a teenager. I think it now helps me as a healer…:)

  2. Katrina – you are so lovely to nominate me and refer my blog to your readers. It is certainly more than appreciated. In fact, words are hard to come by. I’m new to WordPress in the past few months and have loved reading your blog and am so happy to be walking this path with you. Thank you again for your kindness and support.

  3. Congratulations!!!

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