Why “Death” Bothers Us

Warning, this post is intense and deals with sensitive subject matter, if you are feeling emotionally weak or overly sensitive you may want to read this post later, or skip it, I won’t be offended.

First, let me say, I rarely use ‘death’ words. I don’t like them, they just feel wrong to me. But they’re necessary for this post. Secondly, I felt convicted this morning to write this post.

The mystery we name as death is very unnerving for most people. The reasons are that we know so little about it and we feel abandoned, left behind, some are even angry because they feel betrayed when someone close to them crosses over. The biggest reason for this is, we can’t see them and have no idea where they are. So, hopefully my story (a completely true story) will comfort some of you.

My Celtic Christian (yes, you can be both) grandfather, William Heck McGinnis, showed me where the Spirit world is and how people cross. January 23, 1977; my grandmother woke to find my grandfather shoveling snow from the back door of their farm house. She nagged him (something she was good at) to come in, eat breakfast and get warm. He eventually complied and while sitting and watching the snow fall, he began to feel very different. She wanted to call the doctor, but he wouldn’t let her. He said he was ‘home.’  She of course told him she knew he was home, to which he replied, ‘no, my heavenly home, I’m leaving you soon.’  She called my mother, told her what was happening and so in a snow storm, my dad drove us to the farm (65 miles on a two lane country road-there’s an interstate now, but not then).

Now, that I’ve set the scene, I’ll cut to the basics of the day. I sat with him from about 11:00 a.m. to almost midnight. The ambulance took him at about 11:30 that night. But during that day, which in hindsight passed more quickly than any other day of my life, I was given a glimpse into what we call death.

He would be completely lucid one minute and the next be almost comatose and unresponsive. Each time this happened he was ‘there’ longer and with us less and less. However, each time he came back he told me where he was going, what it looked like, and all the pleasures he would experience there. He said there is really only a veil between us and the Spirit world, it’s just almost impossible to see with the human eyes. There is grass, trees, flowers, streams, lakes, birds singing, music playing, he said it was like eternal spring. I recall once when he came back he looked out the window at all the snow and seemed surprised for a moment, because where he was going, there was no cold or snow. He said his dogs were all there, his family, old friends, more food than you could ever eat and he smelled bread baking. The human body can only survive for so long without our spirits to maintain it. So eventually, he just didn’t come back. But by that time, I understood why he chose there over here.

An intense day to say the least. I was 16 at the time, and I grieved like any normal 16 year old would losing their best friend. But over the years (and I’m a grandmother now, so its been a lifetime, almost) I’ve thought back on that day, and I’ve been honored to sit with other family members while they crossed. While I miss them, I know where they are and know I’ll be there someday also.

So when dealing with grief, loss, and what seems like the end of the world, take heart that it isn’t the end of anything, merely a change of perspective, a change of energy form, a change of spirit.

There’s a saying, “We rejoice over births and we grief at funerals, because we’re not the one involved.”

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9 thoughts on “Why “Death” Bothers Us

  1. Kristina, Thank you for this lovely post. It’s comforting in so many ways… – Cathy

  2. Very nice and well done. Thanks.

  3. A topic close to my heart! thanx for sharing..

  4. Great post!!! Thank you ❤

  5. I agree that the veil is very thin. And I find it heartening. It is something to look forward to, but we can have that right now also, asking to see with spirit eyes beyond the veil.

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