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While reading a post on a blog I follow , Love and Light Portal, I came across this, “you are Creation experiencing itself.”  After giving it some thought, it began to resonate with me more and more. The Christian Bible says we are created in God’s image. It doesn’t matter what your concept of “God”, “Great Spirit”, “Universal Consciousness” or any other form of Divinity is, the Supreme Being who created us, probably has very similar attributes; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So, doing what I do best, I begin to over-think this whole concept. On the one hand, the Creator being so much like us is very comforting. We all have very different opinions, ideas, perspectives and preferences. The idea our Creator is so much like us makes being human a little more tolerable. Just imagine, the Creator wakes up and says, “Today I think I want to be a 7 year old little girl and play dress-up pretending I’m a fairy with magical powers,” or maybe the Creator wants to be a 15 year old boy and play basketball with his friends, or maybe be a 36 year old house wife who needs a break and decides to watch Lifetime movies in front of a roaring fire all afternoon.

But then, I looked at it from the other perspective. If the Creator is so much like us, doesn’t that mean we are very much like the Creator? “We are Creation experiencing itself.”  How does this change our image of ourselves?  I think we owe it to the Creator to be more aware and appreciative; aware and appreciative of everything, all the time. For example, while preparing my thoughts for this post, I was drinking coffee (pinon coffee, my favorite) and in the middle of the cup, I took a drink and realized how wonderful this coffee is, its coffee but has a distinctive flavor due to the pinon nuts which are ground in with the coffee beans. If I’m Creation experiencing itself, then Creator tasted the same thing I tasted. Creator was enjoying the blend of coffee bean and pinon nut right along with me.  The flowers I so lovingly planted and now water and care for everyday. Creator is caring for and enjoying the flowers the same as I am. Smelling their fragrance, appreciating their wonderful colors and laughing right along with me when the Magpies dig for the bugs under the compost and the rabbits wander through checking for anything edible.

This should also give us pause as to how we treat other people. For they are also Creation experiencing itself. I know this isn’t always easy when the people in question are challenging to us. The plethora of reasons for these challenges are best left for another post. The point is, everything, rocks, dirt, flowers, trees, insects, animals, the very earth we live on and the galaxies beyond us, and of course the humans, are all Creation experiencing itself. A vast concept with endless possibilities.

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12 thoughts on “Personal Image

  1. Very beautiful entry. What a great way to begin this day. Thank you!

  2. You have such awesome talent! Thank you for weaving it so beautifully 🙂 Brilliant!!!

  3. This is incredible. So much of what I have been pondering lately too. Your wonderfully wise writing helps the lesson continue to sink in. Thank you, and thank you to Religion4All for reblogging it. While I enjoy following your blog, that reblog helped me find my way here even sooner.
    Blessings, Gina

  4. We are all star stuff 🙂

  5. Very beautiful and inspiring… thanks so much for this post 🙂
    Dolly xoxo

  6. Namaste. 🙂

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