Someone I know recently lost her spousal equivalent. They had lived together for many years as husband and wife, just no paper making it ‘legal’ by societal standards. Unfortunately, she will face additional hardships in the coming weeks and months as she asserts her place in his estate.

While she struggles to be recognized as his spouse she is grieving. She is grieving the same as any wife would grieve. I have felt her pain and listened to her tears and the duality of grieving for a spiritual sensitive really hit home.

Knowing the veil opened and welcomed her husband into its folds, and that he is happy, safe and loved does not lessen the grieve for her or his children. Why? Because we are spiritual energy in a physical vessel. We become so dependent on the physical ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, we forget the spiritual energy behind these physical senses.

When people love each other and are together for extended periods of time, there is an underlying spiritual connection. The bodies have connected, sometimes in very intimate ways, but so too have the spirits of these people. Because we are such a materialistic society, most are conditioned to rely on the physical contact to validate the spiritual connection. When the physical contact is severed by one crossing into the spirit realm, we tend to allow this to make us believe it is an end. We forget to rely on the spiritual connection to our loved ones. They are still spiritually connected to us and not as far away as it appears to the physical body.  This is when sensing with the heart and spirit – allowing our energy to sense the connection to our loved ones can make all the difference.

Yes, the dynamics of the relationship have changed greatly, but the love and the connection brought into existence by that love has not.

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8 thoughts on “Grieving

  1. This is wonderful. Is your friend okay?

    • Katrina

      Actually, yes, she’s doing much better than I would in her place, and she is thinking in very realistic and critical ways for now,(It just happened Monday night) I’m sure the grief will take over in the coming days. Thanks for asking (and for reading), you’re great.

  2. It’s sad to lose someone special. It takes a very long time to heal.

  3. really liked this piece katrina, have sent it to “digg”

    esp liked,

    “We forget to rely on the spiritual connection to our loved ones. They are still spiritually connected to us and not as far away as it appears to the physical body…”

    thanks so much 😉

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