Voices in the Wind

I’m all about energy vibrations and the individual frequency of everything everywhere. I will tell you on any day that feelings are the language of the spirit. All this being said, spiritual energy is meshed with the reality we currently accept as physical, the energy meshes with the vessels we motor around in allowing us to physically feel spirit. Or see, smell, taste and hear spirit.

Where we live is high desert, average elevation is between 7500 and 10,000 feet. There are areas that look like any farm anywhere with grass, trees, and livestock, 1/4 mile away will be a mesa with sand, cactus and sage brush. Our home is on a mesa, high, flat and open. Everyday, no exception we have wind, often strong consistent wind. Our home is a true adobe with a flat roof, when the wind rolls across our roof it sounds like elephants running. We’re used to it and laugh about it.

The point to all this is, being spiritually sensitive, I ‘hear’ the wind in a way very few people do. I hear a vibration, an almost electric frequency, a hum and sometimes almost musical notes as if from a harp. When I sit on our patio and listen intently I even hear whispers, soft, gentle tidings which sometimes convey a message yet often just greet as they pass through.

I also see patterns in the wind; especially on our patio. It comes in and swirls in a circle always clockwise. The wind here has a unique spirit, it will pummel you one minute, almost knocking you down, and the next it is softly caressing your hair and playfully pulling at your clothes.

Each of us has a unique sensitivity to nature. What are you sensitive to? What in nature gets your attention and holds you in its grip? I love hearing how others interact with the energies around us.

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8 thoughts on “Voices in the Wind

  1. I enjoy connecting to nature through light. The light at different times of the day speaks to me. I love the light in the West and living in Colorado with our large, expansive views and blue, blue skies is a powerful way for me to connect with spirit. I will also say that my favorite place for enjoying light is your wonderful state, Katrina. The light in New Mexico is different than anywhere I’ve ever been and when I visit there, I spend much of may day soaking it into my soul.

  2. I love this post. I can feel your descriptions with such clarity. Simply beautiful Katrina. 🙂

  3. I have a sensitivity to stones … I discovered this quite by accident; it was not something I went looking for. I was at a fair and there was a booth featuring all different kinds of stones … I casually picked up an interesting piece of Malachite and my whole body instantly reacted to it! I had to buy it, just because of that reaction … and my body was alive with electricity for the rest of the day as I carried it around. It was very strange to me at the time! For whatever reason I am acutely aware of the differing energies each different type of stone has, and I use them daily to meditate, ground myself, and blend my energy with. Sometimes I think of stones as if they are bank vaults filled with energy; both what they have inherently, and what they are touched with by the world around them.

    • Katrina

      I’ve only reacted that way once, I was in a gem store and there was a huge (5″ tall-4′ wide) course piece of amethyst, and I felt the energy coming off of it, I don’t react strongly to the smaller ones, although I have probably 20 different ones all over the house, especially beside the bed, thanks for sharing

  4. Luv this….very elaborately spoken

  5. I don’t know but you certainly have me thinking!

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